Facility Executive: June 2021 Issue

The June 2021 issue looks at how facilities are evolving in the wake of COVID-19. Plus, healthcare infrastructure, lighting and energy, and preparing for natural hazards.

Facility Executive June 2021 Issue (Volume 34, Number 3)

Editor’s Letter: Facilities Forge Ahead
Anne Cosgrove June 2021 Issue

How different do your facilities look compared to one year ago? How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the physical attributes of the buildings and sites you manage? For all, there have been changes, and for most those shifts were significant. As you and your team continue to implement new systems and tools, and reintroduce pre-pandemic elements back to your facility, I’m sure you know that it is still a work in progress, and the lessons learned over the past 16 months will continue to present themselves to facilities pros across all industry sectors.

The articles featured in this issue are here to supplement the knowledge and strategies you’ve gathered thus far. Insights on the evolution of the office are found in “What Type Of Place Is The New Office?” and see “Creating Useful Outdoor Spaces” for ideas to consider outside your building. And, with rooftop gathering spaces popular for those who can provide this amenity, it’s important to remember that nearby cooling towers should be managed appropriately, covered in “The HVAC Factor: Cooling Towers And Rooftop Decks.”

Healthcare and senior living facilities have been in the spotlight throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) writes about the need for investment in “Investing In Health Care Infrastructure.” And, the head of FM at a senior living community across four states shares their approach to pandemic response and recovery in “COVID-19 Lessons Learned In Senior Living.”

And, we’ve included articles on technology, lighting and energy, and safety (think preparing for natural hazards). As always, feel free to share your stories and queries by sending an e-mail to the address below.



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June 2021 Issue: Contents

June 2021 IssueTech And FM: The Future Office Experience | Flexible work environments will flourish with smart technology.

The HVAC Factor: Cooling Towers And Rooftop Decks | Protect people from risk of Legionnaires’ Disease when they gather in these outdoor facility spaces.

Access Control: Touchless, Frictionless, Or Both? | Here’s a look at key differences between these two security paradigms, which can be also be used in concert.

What Type Of Place Is The New Office? | Organizational change around the new workplace isn’t one size-fits-all, and facility management has central role.

Creating Useful Outdoor Spaces | Here are ideas on expanding beyond the walls of your buildings.

Protecting Against Natural Hazards | Evolving threats call for a renewed look at emergency planning.

Investing In Health Care Infrastructure | Burdened by deferred maintenance, healthcare facilities face more challenges amid COVID-19.

COVID-19 Lessons Learned In Senior Living | Louisville, KY-based Trilogy Health Services shares its pandemic process across its 100+ communities.

Lighting A Way To Wellness | New standards will focus on impact of artificial lighting on human health.

Persistent Energy Efficiency In Buildings | Monitoring-based commissioning provides facility managers long-term energy insights.

Harnessing Building Documentation | Construction projects result in facility data that must be filed and organized, and technology helps wrangle the information.

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