Luminaire with 365DisInFx UVA Technology

Leviton Lighting Brand Viscor’s Visioneering LRTH-DFX Series luminaire helps disinfect occupied spaces

Leviton Lighting brand Viscor announced they are launching Visioneering’s LRTH-DFX luminaire featuring 365DisInFx™ UVA technology. This is the first luminaire to launch since Leviton Lighting brands announced they were licensing the technology for incorporation into their portfolio.UVA Technology

“As we return to regular activity in our shared spaces, safety will continue to be the highest priority,” said Richie Westfall, VP/general manager, Leviton Lighting & Controls. “The LRTH-DFX troffer integrated with 365DisInFx UVA technology fills a critical need by enabling continuous disinfection without requiring occupants to leave spaces.”

Building from the modern style of Visioneering’s LRTH, LRTH-DFX combines a single shallow semi-round lens and 365DisInFx UVA Technology to help in the inactivation of surface bacteria where people are present and conventional lighting is needed. This is done in real time while occupants are present. As an IC-rated, low-profile luminaire, LRTH is suitable for applications in spaces such as office areas, retail stores, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and fitness centers. It has been specifically designed for T-Bar applications. Holes are provided for chain-mounting support to the building structure with integral earthquake clips.

UVA TechnologyThe fixture LED white light source may be controlled by wired or wireless controls and is dimmable to 5%. The LRTH-DFX is available in 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4 sizes. Wattages range from 16 watts to 54 watts; delivered lumens range from 2,040 lumens to 6,020; and the fixture is rated to deliver L80 lumen performance >50,000 hrs. The UVA disinfection light source has a fixed output and operates continuously on a separate circuit. The 1×4 and 2×4 sizes have 30 UV watts and the 2×2 model has 15 UV watts.

“Viscor is proud to offer the first Leviton Lighting luminaire featuring 365DisInFx UVA technology under the Visioneering brand,” said Pierre Legare, executive vice president, Viscor. “With the continuous disinfection provided by LRTH-DFX, we hope to support cleaner spaces that will allow building occupants to focus more on the activities they are doing rather than the cleanliness of the spaces they are in.”


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