Facility Executive | March/April 2015 Issue

Facility Executive: March/April 2015Cover March/April 2015 Facility Executive.

Volume 28, Number 2

FM Frequency: The Free Range Office | Open office environments provide benefits, but do these come at the cost of employee satisfaction?

Professional Development: Protecting Historic Structures | Facilities built before current fire systems and codes were in place require careful attention to mitigate risk.

The HVAC Factor: Data Center Operations | The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric captures the efficiency of mechanical systems, but there is more to consider in the data center.

Facility Retrofit: Campus Groundskeeping | Water conservation is but one component of the groundskeeping program at the University of California, Davis.

Services & Maintenance: Emergency Notifications | Research from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides guidance on communication strategies.

Lighting Trends: Quality Illumination | Balancing aesthetics with energy savings requires consideration of multiple features with LED bulbs. Plus, new DOE ballast efficiency rules are in effect.

FM Issue: Energy Disclosure | Legislation that requires commercial buildings to report certain energy metrics is taking hold in an increasing number of locales.

Higher Education Case Study: Campus Capstone | At North Park University in Chicago, a new facility has sparked improvements in the science curriculum and student interaction.

Higher Education Supplement: Facility Condition Assessments | Whether it’s for higher education or other types of campuses, technology can be leveraged by facility professionals for long-term planning purposes.

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