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SOLUTIONS 2018 provides a detailed look at facility management products and services designed to address your needs in the coming year, and beyond.

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Revolution Lighting

Revolution Lighting Solutions 2018Buy American Act and Trade Agreement Act LED Tubes

What is a notable product or service that Revolution Lighting is offering to facility management professionals in 2018?

Revolution Lighting continues to offer the latest and most advanced high-quality LED solutions on the market, making it easier to achieve facility management goals. The recent launch of our exclusive Buy American Act (BAA) and Trade Agreement Act (TAA) LED Tube solutions represents a lighting investment that just got smarter, easier, and local.

The availability of our BAA and TAA LED tubes, assembled at our new 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facilities located in Simi Valley, CA, are integrated with our cutting-edge “Nano” lens technology, delivering superior performance at only 10.5 watts. Improving lighting energy efficiency by more than 65% versus fluorescent, our LED tubes delivers superior light output (162 lumens/watt (LmW)), to ensure a well-lit environment for facility employees/patrons. Our direct-wire LED tube requires no ballast, and will work with any non-shunted socket at 120 to 277VAC. This is coupled with Revolution Lighting’s industry-leading 10-year warranty, and 70,000-hour rated lamp life to surpass its competition to ensure long-term maintenance and operational cost savings.

How is the offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How could it help them achieve their goals?

Revolution Lighting Solutions 2018Maximizing the return on a lighting investment depends on the quality of the products you use. That means choosing durable products that perform efficiently, provide a satisfying quality of light, and are reasonably priced. We put all our expertise and experience into ensuring that the quality of Revolution Lighting products is second to none. We also understand that many of our facility management customers are committed to using locally sourced products, and we have met that need, offering a LED tube solution that meets BAA or TAA standards.

We have already seen extensive interest in this solution, shipping more than 250,000 BAA/TAA LED tubes since its release in early 2017. This includes several U.S. Military and Department of Defense facilities, including the Parris Island Marine Corps Base. The 8,095 acre military facility, located in Port Royal, SC, is the primary location for Marine Corps recruit training. Additionally, our BAA/TAA LED tubes were recently installed in The Battleship New Jersey Museum & Memorial, reducing the facilities lighting energy use by more than 72%.

Revolution Lighting

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