FilzFelt KHS Hanging Panels

The seven designs in the Kelly Harris Smith Collection hang without a backing or additional support

hanging panels

The Kelly Harris Smith (KHS) Collection from FilzFelt is a line of seven hanging panels designed by Kelly Harris Smith. Arch, Arrow, Dash, Dot, Loop, Pitch, and Square combine, repeat, and scale to form complex patterning inspired by halftone reprographic techniques (reproduce a photograph or other image where the various tones of gray or color are produced by ink dots).

Hanging Panels offer the soft texture, thickness, and density of 100% Wool Design Felt that allow them to hang freely without a backing or additional support. This nonwoven textile can be cut with intricate patterning without finishing the edges. All this comes together in a modern screening system that provides varied degrees of privacy and enables flexible space division with visual and acoustic separation.

In the KHS collection, repeated shapes shift in scale and spacing to create a gradient-like effect. Shapes are also mirrored here and there to bolster the patterning. The intentional location of each pattern’s opacity allows a bit more privacy at seated height, while light and views are filtered above. A large pattern repeat allows for customization (and privacy at seated versus standing) by moving the repeat higher or lower.

The KHS Collection can be paired with FilzFelt’s Hanging Panel Track System to create stationary or sliding installations. Panels can be modified in size or wholly new designs created in 63 colorways of wool felt. The Hanging Panel Track System is available in up to five channels, ceiling or wall mount, stationary or sliding, and Hanging Panels attach with Velcro or grommets for easy hanging and removal for cleaning.

hanging panels

The Arch Hanging Panel is a half circle atop a square. The shape varies from ½” to 2¼” to create complex, secondary patterning that takes on organic forms. Arrows in the Arrow Hanging Panel have equilateral triangles pointing both up and down, this way and that. The pattern evokes movement and energy in shapes from ½” to 2″. When repeated, the Dash Hanging Panel Punctuation creates a slightly striped linearity and an open pattern with shapes ½” to 3″. The Dot Hanging Panel with the basic circle of Dot has scale shifting that creates a whimsical pattern. The gradation from ½” to 2″ creates an authentically halftone view. In the Loop Hanging Panel the circle gets elongated and repeated. This shape leaves plenty of panel behind for more visual and acoustic privacy with cutouts ranging from ½” to 2″. A simple triangle on a square creates the Pitch Hanging Panel. When rotated and mirrored, the shape creates forms that take on a life of their own in rectilinear shapes varying from ¾” to 2″. With rounded corners, the Square Hanging Panel has openings that vary from ¾” x 1¾” to allow light and views where needed.

Hanging panels in the KHS collection come in small (2’10” x 8′), medium (4′ x 8′), or large (5’9″ x 8′) sizes, all with a 3/16″ panel thickness. Custom sizes and patterns are available. Panels are 100% biodegradable, contain no formaldehyde, are 100% VOC free, and contain no chemical irritants or harmful substances. In addition, 100% Wool Design Felt contributes to LEED v4. Panels should be vacuumed occasionally to remove general air-borne debris. User can spot clean with mild soap and lukewarm water. Aggressive rubbing should be avoided as this can continue the felting process and change the surface appearance of the felt.