Five Tips To Create An Inspirational Office

Aesthetics and the overall look of your office have more to do with employee satisfaction than you might think. Here's how to create a workspace that will inspire, boost employee morale, and retain talent.

By Dean Stier

According to a new report, 76 percent of adults between the ages of 18 and 34, and 55 percent between the ages of 35 and 54, say that office design influences their overall impression of a business. The 2017 IPSOS study finds that the aesthetics and overall look of your office have a lot more to do with employee satisfaction than you may have once thought. Here are five tips for creating a workspace that will inspire, boost employee morale, and retain talent.

1. A Waiting Room That Wows

While your employees aren’t likely to spend a lot of time in your waiting room, it’s often the first impression your business gives to new talent. From high-style furniture like a statuesque reception desk, to modern amenities like seating with built-in charging ports, equipping your waiting room with quality and stylish furniture will give interviewees an immediate impression of your overall business. Not only that, but employees will feel proud to call your office their own when clients and guests come in for a visit.

2. Work On Those Workstations

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Most employees will spend the majority of their day working at their desks. Take steps to make every workstation in your office comfortable, not just the corner offices. One way to accomplish this is to incorporate a mix of open concept workstations and cubicles into your office design so all employees can thrive, whether they like to be out in the open or prefer peace and quiet. We also recommend providing ergonomic options, which can include standing desks, leaning chairs and ergonomic office chairs, among other tools. Most importantly, check in with your employees from time to time to ensure they’re happy with their desk setup. You’d be surprised what a difference a simple furniture change can make to employee satisfaction.

3. Encourage Casual Collaboration

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Scheduled meetings matter, but there’s something to be said for on-the-fly collaboration that happens when two employees meet up at the water cooler or in the breakroom. The best and brightest ideas are often sparked during these casual conversations. These can be facilitated by adding small “touchdown” areas throughout your office via lounge seating in common areas. These collaboration stations will give employees a place to go and chat without having to book a formal conference room. Not only will the stations help create a sense of togetherness among employees, but they’ll also spark bold new ideas that will surely benefit your business.

4. Make Your Breakroom A Getaway

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The breakroom should be your employees’ personal getaway from the stress of work. Invest in furniture and décor that’s not only beautiful, but comfortable and functional. From easy-to-clean dining tables and chairs to cozy lounge seating, accommodate a variety of options for employees on their break – whether that be chatting with coworkers over a meal or lounging by the fireplace with a good book. You may also consider adding an outside break area to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Creating a break room getaway will allow employees to unwind and return to work refreshed.

5. Private Spaces

Introvert or extrovert, everyone needs a little privacy from time to time, which can be a rare find in the modern office. Does your business offer private spaces for employees to take personal phone calls? What about comfortable, secluded areas for nursing mothers? Quiet rooms for employees who need silence to focus on their work? Including designated private spaces in your office design will give employees the freedom to have those quiet moments away from the hustle and bustle of the workplace.

From the lobby to the breakroom, good office design matters when it comes to the impression your business gives others.

office designDean Stier is the Vice President of Multi-Channel Marketing at National Business Furniture. His experience in product development and marketing has helped him understand what drives office furniture purchase decisions. Dean works with his team to recommend the best possible office furniture for each client’s situation. To learn more do’s and don’ts of how to attract and retain young employees, read NBF’s article, 5 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Attracting New Talent.