Flexible Delineators From ParkingZone

Pacific Cascade/the ParkingZone has introduced its new Flexible Fixed Based Delineators made of TPU polyurethane that can withstand all manner of traffic mishaps and improve parking safety. The new delineators come in a 29.52″ high glue down option, and a bolt down version in 29.52″ and 39.37″ heights. Currently in development is a 42″ high glue/bolt down combo option.

The Flexible Delineators were developed to withstand vehicle impacts better than standard static delineators that need to be replaced after repeated minor collisions. The thick polyurethane construction and the spring-type design allows this delineator to repel the most invasive impacts and return to an upright position.

parking safety

“We started with the Flexible Glue Down Delineators. We worked with the supplier on the specifications we wanted for our clients, and they began producing the delineators specifically for us,” said Mark Curtis, President of Pacific Cascade Corporation, a Vancouver, WA provider of products for the parking and traffic enforcement industry.

This ISO compliant Delineator has been a quality flexible option available in Europe and the Middle East for some time. With this product introduction, it is now available in the United States.

Kansas City University Medical Center recently purchased 110 Flexible Glue Down Delineators from the ParkingZone for its parking facilities. The delineator bases were epoxied to paved or hard surfaces for parking and traffic control. “They work well and are quick to install,” expressed Isaac Kilgore, a lead member of the facilities management team at Kansas City University Medical Center. To their satisfaction, the delineators have held up extremely well. The reflective stripes are flexible as well and withstand scratches and damage.

Ergonomically designed, Flexible Delineators have a larger profile and deliver a more substantial visual warning without damaging vehicles, unlike the way rigid bollards or delineators would. Features of these delineators include:

  • Maintenance free
  • Cost efficient and long lasting
  • Flexible reflective sheeting for high visibility
  • Unbreakable flexible spring design
  • High durability, will not crack, warp, chip or rot
  • Resistant to UV sunlight, oil, salt, extreme temperatures and moisture
  • Fast and easy installation on any paved surface
  • If necessary, damaged parts can be replaced
  • ISO Compliant
  • Available in orange, black, yellow, or white