Novi Portable Charging Station By MG

MG, developers of innovative charging solutions for modern mobile devices, has launched its Novi Portable Charging Station. The new device utilizes LunaPulse technology to rapidly charge up to 8 portable battery pods in only 2.5 hours. Novi eliminates the hassle of traditional cords and charging stations for business and consumers to provide unprecedented portability, convenience, and value.

portable charging stationThe Novi replaces traditional mounted charging stations and outlets, which are often too big, too expensive, or a mess of outlets and wires. Working closely with industrial engineers and battery experts, MG has designed and manufactured a simple and cost-effective solution with superior features, eliminating the need for the impractical charging stations currently on the market.

With its sleek, compact design and easy-to-use features, the Novi Portable Charging Station is great for businesses and their customers. “The purpose of the Novi is to allow users to conveniently provide a charging service that is easy and affordable,” said George Tang, co-founder of MG. “Ultimately the Novi is a simple solution to an ever-growing problem businesses are facing in the modern age of smart devices.”

Affordability, Portability, Convenience

The Novi Portable Charging Station consists of the Novi Dock and portable Novi Pods. The Novi Dock is powered by an internal AC adapter with a removable 2-prong cable that can be retrofitted for use in any country. Distributors around the world can easily stock and ship the product to countries without limitations of the power plug.

Each dock can hold up to 8 pods. MG’s LunaPulse Technology means that the Novi Dock charges each one of the Novi Pods on contact, without the need for any additional cables. Charging is conducted at high speeds, and each portable battery fully charges a phone of the same batter size in only 1.5 hours. Once charged, each lightweight pod can be removed and taken anywhere consumers need to charge their mobile device.

Each Novi Pod houses a built in Lightning and Micro-USB charging cables, allowing it to be used on almost any portable device imaginable. The Novi Pods hold 2,600 MAH of charge, allowing them to rapidly charge mobile devices for even more convenience and efficiency.

A Must for Any Organization

The Novi Charging Station allows businesses and venues to provide customers with charging solutions for their mobile devices without tethering them to expensive charging lockers or mounted stations. Novi also does away with the need to search and wait for an open wall outlet.

Because each system comes with eight portable charging pods, businesses can service a large number of customers with only a few stations. Businesses can scale the amount of charging stations required to accommodate the number of guests they have. Businesses can either rent or lease the pods to customers, or provide the service free of charge. Either way, the Novi Charging Station allows customers to continue moving as they charge their devices, freeing them up to see more, spend more, and do more.

In addition to the convenience of the cordlessly charged Novi Pods, the Novi station is also more affordable than competitor charging products which can cost $2,000 for a similar system, or up to $4,000 for wall mounted charging stations or lockers. MG also offers fully customizable branding on large orders, to highlight your event or brand on the sleek Novi Pod design.

The Novi Portable Charging Station is great for:

  • Educational institutions: a Novi Charging Station in the classroom can ensure students always have power for their mobile learning devices.
  • Restaurants: businesspeople and families alike can enjoy their meals without worry of their devices running out of juice.
  • Hotels/resorts: guests are now never without power as they travel for work or leisure.
  • Tradeshows/conference event centers: let your attendees and exhibitors have all the power they need to make it through lengthy days.
  • Museums: guests can always be connected while leisurely browsing exhibits.
  • Weekend music festivals or concerts

The Novi Portable Charging Station starts at $285 and is available now.