PRS40 Sprinkler Head by Hunter

The Pro-Spray® PRS40 (formerly MPR40) by Hunter® Industries is a professional grade sprinkler head suitable for a variety of applications. It is compatible with industry standard female nozzles for flexibility and delivers optimal performance and water efficiency when combined with the MP Rotator.

sprinklerThe PRS40 watering tool’s rugged Pro-Spray body can be combined with an MP Rotator instead of a traditional nozzle. MP Rotators feature a multi-trajectory rotating stream delivery system. Rather than simply spraying water onto landscapes, they deliver multiple streams of water at a steady rate. This slower application allows water to gently soak into the soil and achieve an even distribution throughout the area being irrigated. When used in place of standard spray nozzles, system water use can decrease by up to 30% and reduce runoff.

sprinklerThe Pro-Spray PRS40 is available in six models calibrated at a consistent 40 PSI. The PROS-00-PRS40 is a shrub adapter; the PROS-04-PRS40-CV is a 4″ pop-up with an overall height of 57/8“; the PROS-06-PRS40-CV is a 6″ pop-up with an overall height of 8¾”; and the PROS-12-PRS40-CV is a 12″ pop-up with an overall height of 161/8“. All sprinkler heads have a ½” female NPT inlet size. The 4″, 6″, and 12″ models have an exposed diameter of 2¼”. The 6″ and 12″ versions come standard as no side inlet ensuring proper installation with check valve.

Pressure regulation saves water by providing the optimal PSI to create larger water droplets to cut through wind and resist misting. Recommended pressure range for the PRS40 is 15 PSI to 100 PSI. The required dynamic pressure differential is 10 PSI.

The Pro-Spray PRS40 incorporates a heavy-duty ribbed body and durable cap engineered to withstand harsh environments; the cap will not leak even when loosened. In addition, a multi-thread buttress design provides strength in cap-to-body gripping capacity, helping the head to withstand high inlet surge pressures.

The rugged wiper seal is co-molded from two types of chemical and chlorine-resistant materials. This pressure-activated, multi-function wiper seal reduces flow-by, operates at low pressures, and allows more sprinkler heads to be installed on the same zone. Its design also prevents debris from entering the seal when the riser is retracted, reducing riser stick-ups.

The Pro-Spray PRS40 retraction spring provides positive retraction under various conditions and optional check valves eliminate leaks and puddles at the lower heads, protecting landscapes from damage and erosion while reducing water waste. Users can choose factory-installed check valves (up to 14′ of elevation) or the flexibility of field installation.

The Pro-Spray PRS40 sprinkler head includes a user-friendly pull-ring flush cap to keep debris and clogging to a minimum; the cap is gray colored for easy field identification. A factory installed reclaimed water ID cap, user installed reclaimed water ID cap (P/N 458530), and user installed snap-on reclaimed cover (P/N PROSRCCAP) are optional.


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