Focus On: Facility Management Software

Take a look at this assortment of facility management software that can help you meet your facility management goals in 2022 and beyond.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the April 2022 Issue

Take a look at this assortment of facility management software that can help you meet your facility management goals in 2022 and beyond.

CriticalAsset Facilities Management Platform
by CriticalAsset, Inc.

Facility Management SoftwareCriticalAsset, Inc.’s flagship facilities management platform, CriticalAsset, is designed to simplify facilities management, service, maintenance, and documentation. It lowers operating costs and improves environmental footprint. It also offers an interactive digital twin, closing the gap between construction handoffs and building stakeholders.

The platform is a mobile-first CMMS [computerized maintenance management system] offering a suite of features, including Smart Interactive Floorplans™ which converts paper plans and assets into interactive digital documents; Smart Electrical Panels™ offers a digital visual presentation of panel schedules, fed-from, fed-to, and affected areas; Smart Maintenance Scheduling™ automates service and maintenance scheduling; Smart Work Orders™ designs work orders with key asset data that can be automatically shared with facilities teams, field technicians, and others; and Smart Document Storage™, where building documents, pictures, and plans are securely stored.

With automation, facilities teams can be proactive, reducing asset breakdowns, operational costs and safety risks, with 24/7 remote access to information and tools needed to keep facilities operational. This platform incorporates AI into all critical aspects of facilities management. CriticalAsset is ideal for building stakeholders, including facility managers, technicians, contractors, engineers, and building owners.

Smart Assets
by Brightly

Smart Assets is a cloud-based IoT solution from Brightly (formerly Dude Solutions), a provider of operations software for multiple industries, that allows operations professionals to maximize equipment uptime, lengthen asset lifecycle, make smarter operations decisions, and increase profitability. Smart Assets integrates with Brightly’s CMMS platform, Asset Essentials, allowing information to flow between the assets and Asset Essentials to capture data, flag anomalies, and trigger work orders.

Smart Assets by Brightly

This solution provides facilities teams with a remote monitoring tool to help streamline processes, optimize asset health, and predict equipment failures. An advantage of the Smart Assets solution is the massive catalog of out-of-the-box sensors that can be easily appended to an asset. Once appended, these sensors monitor the assets in a continuous 24/7/365 manner. They automatically and securely transmit detailed operational data via the cloud directly to Asset Essentials, and they seamlessly create triggers when something is not working correctly or requires attention.

MCS 21 Software
by Spacewell

Facility Management SoftwareSpacewell’s newest version of its BIM-enabled MCS integrated workplace management system (IWMS) software, MCS 21, brings dashboard improvements in the areas of space management, workplace reservations, maintenance, and business intelligence. MCS is a modular IWMS, integrating a range of different solutions and mobile applications. Every solution corresponds to a certain domain and can be used independently or combined with other solutions.

These dashboards are dynamic, making every element of a chart or visualization clickable. Drill-down functionality transforms the total dashboard in an analytics tool, all in real-time and powered by the data of the user. MCS 21 also provides the ability to use on-demand custom queries to meet specific business needs. In addition, Spacewell added a ‘Bring your own BI’ option, enabling users to connect to the corporate analytics package of their choice. MCS 21 also offers the possibility to exchange asset data with O-Prognose specialized long-term maintenance planning, and budgeting software.

by TMA Systems

Facility Management SoftwareWebTMA7 is the next generation of TMA Systems’ flagship facility and asset management software, WebTMA. It includes features and functionality for managing the people who maintain the assets, the parts and materials that support them, as well as the scheduling and execution of both preventive and corrective maintenance. WebTMA’s modular format provides scalability. It was developed with ease-of-use for beginners, yet is capable of meeting the needs of any facility management professional.

WebTMA7 includes a reengineered core framework for more speed and reporting power, as well as redesigned workflows for increased flexibility and control along with a restyled, modern interface. Users are able to manage the workflow process from the planning stage to completion of the job, and efficiencies can be benchmarked and measured in both cost and time. New features include drag-and-drop capabilities in the report builder, a dynamic work order form, and responsive layout. This new iteration enables facility executives to unlock greater ROI from their assets and teams.

Construction Projects Module
by ARC Facilities

ARC FacilitiesConstruction Projects, a new module for the ARC Facilities Platform, is designed for facilities teams facing the challenge of construction closeout and other building information-related delays. With Construction Projects, users are provided a single source of truth for accurate and current renovation project information. Facility teams can access critical construction information that is accurate, neatly organized and accessible where and when it is needed.

Project information is captured during construction, organized, and delivered in ARC Facilities’ easy-to-use mobile application. This module ensures construction drawings are maintained, including specifications, RFI communications, submittals and other project documentation. Facility teams gain mobile access to building information during and after project completion and receive closeout packages at the end of projects. This module creates a standard format for every project, reducing the time spent searching for critical information in potentially dangerous situations and eliminating barriers to efficient facilities management.