Focus On: Roofing

From roofing membranes and adhesives to primer and drainage systems, this assortment of roofing products can help you meet your facility management goals.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the December 2021 Issue

Take a look at this assortment of roofing products that can help you meet your facility management goals in 2022 and beyond.

UltraPly™ TPO Flex SA by Firestone Building Products Company

Roofing Products

Firestone Building Products Company’s UltraPly™ TPO Flex SA is a new membrane resulting from the evolution of two products, UltraPly™ TPO SA (self-adhered) and UltraPly TPO Flex Adhered. While the membrane formulation remains unchanged, this new product provides an easier-to-install, safer version of the category’s flexible TPO.

UltraPly™ TPO Flex SA drives better installations on complex roofs. It’s easier to handle because of its flexibility, and is ideal for corners, angles, edges, and penetrations. Firestone’s self-adhered installation method with Secure Bond™ technology allows for quicker installation, reducing manhours by up to 77% per square on membrane installation than traditionally adhered membrane. Further, it’s easier on the crew because less time is spent on knees rolling, spreading or spraying adhesives.

Firestone SA products are odorless and non-volatile organic compound (VOC), so businesses can stay operational during installation. Finally, the roofing season is extended because this product can install in temperatures as low as 20°F (-7°C).

Green-Lock® Plus Membrane Adhesive by Garland

Roofing Products

Green-Lock® Plus Membrane Adhesive by Garland is a low odor, 100% solids, fast-curing roof membrane adhesive that contains zero VOCs and is ideal for use on projects with strict environmental and odor limitations. Green-Lock Plus’s asphalt-free formula lowers the overall carbon footprint of the roofing assembly and eliminates the adverse effects typically associated with solvent-based products, including odors, sheet softening, compound damage, and solvent blisters.

This product eliminates shrinkage after curing, ensuring the system remains watertight. The high-performance polymer technology provides impervious waterproofing to the roof assembly, providing a thicker, more robust, and reliable waterproofing system. With 100% solids and superior adhesion, the Green-Lock Plus adhesives increase the strength of the entire roof assembly.

Its moisture-cure technology accelerates peak weatherability, allowing for fast wind-uplift resistance that can take months for solvent-based adhesives. Unique, polyether polymer modification enables a wide service temperature range for long-term performance, and reacts with moisture in the air to form a strong and resilient rubber. Finally, this formula lowers the carbon footprint of the roofing assembly and makes installation ideal for facilities with building occupants.

Detec TruGround® Conductive Primer by Mule-Hide Products Co.

Roofing Products

New Detec TruGround® Conductive Primer from Mule-Hide Products Co. makes effective electronic leak detection (ELD) of conventional roof assemblies fast and easy, helping ensure that a roofing system is watertight and free of breaches, holes, and seam voids.

The patented water-based, liquid-applied, electronically conductive medium is applied directly to the substrate using a brush or roller prior to membrane adhesion. Discontinuities in the membrane can then be found by applying an electrical current to the surface of the membrane. Once applied, the primer allows ELD testing–using low- or high-voltage testing methods–for the life of the roofing system.

Detec TruGround Conductive Primer provides peace of mind that a newly installed roofing system is leak-free, and it can be used for maintenance, warranty, and forensic purposes. It is compatible with all single-ply membranes. It can be applied to any properly prepared, non-conductive horizontal or vertical surface, including insulation, plywood, wood, lightweight concrete, and coverboard. It is suitable for use in fully adhered, mechanically attached and ballasted roofing systems.

The primer dries quickly—typically in less than 30 minutes­—and delivers excellent adhesion. Contractor-friendly, it has low VOC content, is non-flammable, and is solvent-free.

Detec TruGround Conductive Primer is available in 5-gallon pails. Each pail covers approximately 1,250 square feet of roof area.

PAC-CLAD PAC-Tite Water Drainage Systems by Petersen

Roofing Products

The design of PAC-CLAD PAC-Tite Water Drainage Systems from Petersen, which include gutters, downspouts, and scuppers, improves performance while complementing a building’s aesthetic qualities. Custom engineering such as the heavy-aluminum gutter-strap design also promotes ease of installation and helps the drainage systems withstand harsh environments. Petersen’s PAC-Tite Water Drainage Systems line includes gutters that are Factory Mutual-approved and ANSI/SPRI GT-1 compliant as well.

PAC-Tite Gold Gutters offer easy installation, strong performance and an attractive appearance. The products include a 2″-wide external wind strap every 6′ and gutter hangers every 24″ on-center to comply with the ANSI/SPRI GT-1 Standard. The heavy-aluminum gutter hanger is designed to eliminate the need for drilling and riveting and allows for full thermal movement of the gutter. Offered with an optional roof flange or slotted drain bars for ballast retention, PAC-Tite Gold Gutters offer maximum roof drainage and ease of installation in this edge metal solution.

Benefits include easy installation resulting in decreased labor costs; prefabricated miters and accessories to eliminate the need for field fabrication; a variety of colors, sizes and metal gauges; ANSI/SPRI GT-1 tested to comply with the standard for gutter systems; and FM-approved gutters for wind-uplift protection.

The PAC-Tite Industrial Downspout is available in a variety of standard sizes, or it can be fabricated to meet specific job requirements. The open-face design makes clearing out debris an easy task. Downspouts are manufactured with simple connection configurations and include three attachment straps per 12’ section, which enables fast and easy installation.

The PAC-Tite Water Drainage Systems line includes a variety of custom-designed scuppers and collector boxes that meet performance requirements that architects and contractors require. Their distinctive design provides maximum security and performance to protect against leaks and is a decorative and functional means of water control.