Focus On: Security

Today’s Facility Manager serves as a comprehensive resource for facility product and service buyers. In this web exclusive Security product focus, the editors present several of the latest introductions to the market. Look for a variety of product categories to be highlighted online throughout the year. These are in addition to the products you will find featured in the magazine during 2014.


IPVM by Aware Digital, Inc. IPVM by Aware Digital
IPVM is a line of modular surveillance products that deliver remote video and audio capabilities with SC3 technology (situational collection, situational communication, situational control) for integrated video collection, transmission, and management. Base units provide the ability to convert any analog camera and microphone into a high performance streaming encoder, and the relay unit brings remote cellular connectivity to existing IP concealments, IP cameras, and other devices by acting as a Wi-Fi access point and client simultaneously. IPVM units can be stacked together to create a larger multi-channel system and each unit has a 3G/4G cellular modem with support for major carriers. All units include full audio/video minimization features in compliance with Federal Title 3 laws and with the addition of a microwave module are capable of receiving L, S, C, and UHF frequencies from legacy devices and converting them into IP audio and video for real-time transmission. IPVM can also be paired with a stackable battery pack for more than six hours of portable operation.


Ivideon Cloud Video Surveillance by Ivideon Ivideon Cloud Video Surveillance - Ivideon
Ivideon Cloud Video Surveillance delivers live video streams viewable from a computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone anytime and anywhere. It does not require an IT person or static IP address for setup and is compatible with camera devices such as webcams, IP cameras, IP cameras with built-in Ivideon, CCTVs, and DVRs, capturing both indoor and outdoor events and activities. Data centers are available worldwide for customers to access and archive surveillance feeds. Video archives can be tracked back up to one month and archives cost a minimal fee if the one to two cameras are not efficient for the users. Video surveillance feeds can be shared by granting access to multiple users, making them public to ivideon TV, and posting them to websites, blogs, and social media sites. Notifications can be sent for motion detection, lost Internet connection, and low camera power.


Waterwall System by CINTEC North America Waterwall - CINTEC North America
The Waterwall System is a series of compact, water inflated, rapidly deployable, blast suppression devices designed to isolate or shield suspicious objects to protect both people and infrastructures. Pressures behind the blast wave are substantially reduced, heat is absorbed, and fragmentation is either eliminated or significantly decreased. Specific dimensions are tailored to suit customer requirements, as is the selection of the internally reinforced fabric used in its construction. The Waterwall’s Suspicious Object Isolator (SOI) is first inflated with air to provide stability, and then filled with water through a fire hose. The water displaces the air through a series of pressure relief valves. Each unit is open at the top and bottom to facilitate deployment for access to, and inspection of, the suspect object. The water can be pumped out and the Bomb Bin deflated. There is also a Cargo Isolation System and an almost 10′ high Waterwall used on exteriors for protection from the effects of a car bomb or similar device. All of the products in the Waterwall series can be supplemented with the additional appropriate chemicals necessary to treat CBR devices.


SNH-P6410BN by Samsung Techwin AmericaSNH-P6410BN - Samsung Techwin America
The SNH-P6410BN is a wireless WiseNet III Full HD smart cam with full 1080p video quality at 30fps, a 128° ultra-wide angle field of view, and dual band Wi-Fi. It provides true wide dynamic range (120dB WDR), a micro 64G SDXC memory card slot, and a speaker and microphone for two-way talk. Setup requires no network configuration or monthly fees. Users can setup events and view live video via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network through iOS, Android, PC, and Mac devices anytime. Video can be recorded in either H.264 or MJPEG with programmable event, manual, or continuous recording. The camera supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands and allows multiple streaming of up to four different profiles. Day/night capability with built-in IR LED lamps ensures nighttime vision. The SNH-P6410BN features audio detection and advanced motion detection which allows three areas of interest to be set, with real-time alarm notifications.