FRIDAY FUNNY: Butt I Don't Mean To Offend You; I Just Want To Make You More Aware

After checking out this toilet paper awareness campaign in Copenhagen, I am now convinced that Hamlet wasn’t the only Dane off his nut. Brace yourself for this… (Warning: photo is a bit gross!)

Some restrooms in Denmark now feature toilet paper brand Silk Soft’s image of a butt with pants down where the paper dispenses. This is a not-so-subtle (yet low budget) way to promote the fact the brand is 100% recycled. The advertising agency, By Far, came up with the idea to put these stickers on standard toilet tissue dispensers on selected public toilets around Copenhagen.

Is this a rotten idea in the state of Denmark? Who knows? Regardless of the poor taste factor, it has definitely given Silk Soft a good deal of exposure.

Thanks to Kirsten Roos for submitting this Friday Funny.


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