FRIDAY FUNNY: The Conference Call Nightmare

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

In the business world, being able to communicate anytime, anywhere has always been an essential concept. Until recently, the only way to do this in a practical, successful manner was to set up a meeting in person.

While these face to face meetings offered the most reliable exchanges, they were often limited by logistical issues (little things like time and money). With the vast improvements of technology, professionals have entered the age of the conference call…the perfect solution to the need to meet. Alas, the perfect solution has its own hangups, so to speak.

Leadercast has been creating an Internet buzz with this amusing video that captures all of the really annoying things about conference calls…”struggling with your access code, the dropped calls, the person on mute, the person not paying any attention, and of course everyone talking over everyone else.”

The leadership development company commissioned the comedy duo of Tripp & Tyler to create this hilarious take on a conference call in real life. Check it out below, if you haven’t seen it already.