Friday Funny: Feeling Bitter? Need To Vent?

There’s an app for that. Artist Patrick Mimran has unveiled his new app BitterWorld, a platform for venting.

Feeling under appreciated at work? Are your co-workers annoying? Are you disappointed with a product or service you purchased? Frustrated with your personal relationships? Perhaps the political climate has got you feeling bitter? Do you need to get it all off your chest?

BitterWorld appThere’s an app for that.

Patrick Mimran, the French multimedia artist best known for The Billboard Project, has unveiled a new app designed to help users express their bitter life experiences. The app, BitterWorld, was designed to help users relieve their frustration from the disappointments associated with mediocre products, services, experiences, and relationships.

According to Mimran, BitterWorld is intended to make the world a better place by allowing users to share their true feelings, take a deep breath, and then move on – leaving their bad feelings behind.

BitterWorld app“I developed the app so that people who have a bitter experience can help others avoid the same fate, and at the same time, prevent themselves from holding onto negative feelings,” he said. “Whether it’s rude service at the bank, a bad restaurant meal or just a lousy day at work, our users’ insights can help make their day and others’ just a little bit better.”

The app includes a skull and crossbones rating system that rates experiences by their degree of bitterness, along with a map-based display that shows the precise location of the offending situation. Other features allow users to chat, post reviews, upload images, and comment on other situations. The app also contains unique benefits designed to enrich the user experience, including a clean and intuitive interface, a series of 150-plus emojis designed by Mimran, and an engaging news feed. The ability to post photo, video, and audio files allows both reviewers and visitors to become more knowledgeable about an incident.BitterWorld app

From a social justice standpoint, Mimran believes that wrongdoers shouldn’t get away with their negative behavior unscathed and that no one should hold onto their negative feelings without some sort of release. He launched BitterWorld to provide a safe space for like-minded people around the world to share their true feelings.

“Not everything in life is an Instagram glamour shot,” he said. “That’s just not reality.”

BitterWorld is available on iOS and Android.


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