FRIDAY FUNNY: Fish For Everyone!

Posted by Heidi SchwartzScreen Shot 2014-03-20 at 2.52.21 PM

While interactive dining is always a big attraction, the novelty can be a major nightmare for facility managers. And when Downtown Disney patrons at the T-Rex Cafe experienced a larger than life interruption to their meals on Monday, March 17, 2014, facility managers and the restaurant crew did the best they could under the circumstances—they grabbed buckets and squeegees and battened down the hatches.

Instead of being frightened by “Squawking pterosaurs, wooly mammoths, a massive undulating octopus, and life-sized animatronic dinosaurs—including a 15′ tall T. Rex,” they had a close encounter of the aquatic kind when the restaurant’s massive decorative fish tank sprung a leak, sending diners, employees, and tropical creatures into panic mode.

Landry’s, the Houston company that owns T-Rex Cafe, released the following statement: “A seal failed on the tank causing water to leak. Employees took action and did a great job rescuing all of the marine life, caring for our guests and managing the situation. The marine life has been moved to holding tanks and the restaurant is open.”

Live video of the incident is posted here: