FSI Debuts CMS Capital Planning Product For Healthcare CMMS

CMS Capital Planning is a data tool that allows healthcare systems to budget and plan capital allocation for asset repairs and replacements.


FSI's CMS Capital Planning
FSI’s CMS Capital Planning

FSI released CMS Capital Planning, a tool that allows healthcare systems to budget and plan capital allocation specifically for asset repairs and replacements using data linked to FSI’s Custom Maintenance System (CMS) and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) suite of products. 

Capital Planning centralizes asset information, such as condition, replacement costs, and end of life statistics, in one dashboard. Additionally, users can access historical repair and maintenance costs to make data driven decisions in the preparation of the annual budget and allocation for capital dollars. Armed with this information, facilities and Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) departments can advocate on behalf of their department to leadership, putting digestible data in front of stakeholders in order to save revenue and continue to provide excellent patient care.

This product is an optional add-on to FSI’s CMS Core product, which allows for seamless integration between the asset information collected everyday by technicians in CMS and CMMS and the data points necessary for utilizing Capital Planning’s features.

On top of FSI’s CMS Core product capabilities, the Capital Planning add-on features cost summary break-downs in real time, one-click asset cost history, and improved efficiency through elimination of extra spreadsheets. 

With historic asset data, CMS Capital Planning aims to help healthcare systems save revenue and reduce risk, by allowing facilities and HTM departments to maintain compliance, stay up to date, and ensure assets are always in their best working condition.

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