Fulham EZ Exit Lighting Kit

Turns T-Grid Ceilings into Emergency Lighting Pathways to the Nearest Exit

Fulham Co., Inc., a supplier of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, has expanded its HotSpot line with a new category of value-added emergency lighting products that extend building safety lighting. The EZ Exit Lighting Kit is being offered as an add-on to conventional exit signs, lighting a path to safety using add-on linear LEDs lights integrated into existing T-grid ceilings.exit lighting

The HotSpot EZ Exit EM T-grid kits are available in 24″ (FHEZ10A24) and 48″ (FHEZ17A48) form factors. The EZ Exit lighting kits are designed to fit into any conventional T-grid ceilings, either as a retrofit or part of new construction. Both LED units are equipped with a HotSpot constant power driver that delivers 90 minutes of emergency power after a 24-hour charge time. The EZ Exit 24″ unit has 10.7 watts of emergency output, delivering 1,480 lumens, and the 48″ unit has a 17 watt output in emergency mode with 2,485 lumens. Both offer a universal input of 120-277VAC.

“You can always make employees, customers, and building occupants safer, and we see the EZ Exit as part of a new emergency lighting category that demonstrates Fulham’s commitment to safety,” said Russ Sharer, Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development for Fulham. “When an emergency happens, panic sets in and darkness and confusion may make it difficult to find the nearest exit. With the EZ Exit we have developed an aesthetically pleasing way to light the path to safety. Many distributors and specifiers have already shown their enthusiasm for this new kind of safety lighting product.”

The EZ Exit units come with an integrated test switch and carry a five-year manufacturer warranty.