Groundskeeping Product Focus

This assortment of groundskeeping tools and equipment can help your facility management team maintain your property's lawn and landscaping.

Compiled by Facility Executive Staff
From the October 2023 Issue


Consider this assortment of groundskeeping tools and equipment to help your facility management team maintain your property’s lawn and landscaping.

groundskeeping equipmentROOT Paver
By TrueGrid

TRUEGRID’s ROOT Permeable Pavers stabilize grass without the need for ground excavation. ROOT protects living grass roots from compaction and eliminates the formation of muddy and rutted sections, which are common issues of unsupported grass.

ROOT’s design consists of flexible joints, strong cell walls, robust connectors, and its X-Anchor technology distributes weight and spreads the point load to the existing soil below. The product is constructed entirely from 100% post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene. Its resulting breathable design maintains the hydrology of a site, prevents pollutants from infiltrating the groundwater supply, and prevents the suffocation of tree roots underneath by facilitating the exchange of CO2 and oxygen. It also mitigates the ‘urban heat island effect’ commonly linked with concrete and asphalt paving and does not alter pre-installation stormwater runoff levels. Over time, ROOT naturally becomes completely covered with grass, seamlessly blending into the surroundings like a normal turfgrass area.

groundskeeping equipment

By Landmaster

Landmaster’s RVR (Rover) is available in gas and electric platforms. The gas UTV, called the L5 RVR, and the lithium-powered UTV, the AMP RVR can be used for tasks such as property maintenance, landscaping, transporting, hauling equipment, towing trailers, and more.

The RVRs come standard with independent rear suspension, dual-rate shocks, a dumpable steel bed with removable sides, electronic power steering, two adjustable premium bucket seats, 2” front and rear hitch receivers, and rear locking differential. They have a max speed of 15 mph, a total tow capacity of 1,500 lbs, and a max bed capacity of 750 lbs. While most commercial UTVs have 5-6 inches of ground clearance, Landmaster’s RVRs offer 11 inches of ground clearance, allowing users to drive easily over larger obstacles. The L5 has a 570cc engine and the AMP fully charges in six hours for the 30 miles standard battery/50 miles extended range battery.

NeomowNeomow X

HOOKII’s Neomow X robotic lawn mower uses precision navigation and real-time 3D mapping of the environment in its automated lawn care. The Neomow X LiDAR SLAM’s navigation system functions independently of signal interference, guaranteeing performance even in challenging environmental conditions. Its Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance and maneuverability utilize a combination of LiDAR technology, visual sensors, and physical safeguards.

The Neomow X is designed for simple operation and deployment, without the need for perimeter wire installation or RTK base station setup, and features an indoor charging station option. Additional features of note include its front-wheel drive system allowing the lawn mower to navigate diverse terrains and the integration of an adjustable electric cutting disc that allows users to set their grass height preferences. The Neomow X’s intelligent multi-zone management system enables lawn upkeep with varying grass length-designated sections and the ability to assign certain areas to be mowed at different frequencies.

RC MowersAutonomous Mowing Robots
By RC Mowers

RC Mowers’ Autonomous Mowing Robots (AMRs) allow a single operator to generate the same revenue as a crew of three, reducing reliance on labor and enhancing efficiency. Mowing services, traditionally a landscaping company’s primary revenue source, often yield minimal profits. These self-driving mowers are designed to increase profit from these services and allow business owners to scale their business with less labor and fewer employees.

The AMRs feature anti-collision technology, object detection, programmable Keep-Out areas such as landscaping and water features, and automatic return to their loading position when finished. They also have an operating range of 500 ft., and have a host of safety interlocks and security authentication measures to ensure proper operation. Through an app, the mower’s real-time progress, estimated completion time, and fuel status can be monitored, along with adjustments to striping direction, mowing speed, and ability to navigate through previously saved mowing plans.

groundskeeping equipmentKubota M5 Tractor Autonomy Kit
By Sabanto

Sabanto, Inc. released an autonomy kit for Kubota M5 tractors that retrofits onto existing machinery, allowing operators to turn tractors they already own into autonomous machines. The autonomy kit for Kubota M5 tractors’ advanced cameras, obstacle detection sensors, geofences, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), and robotics pair with mobile and desktop applications, allowing for complete control and real-time monitoring of fields. Missions can be programmed turn-by-turn and by coverage for individual or multiple tractors within a job. It includes both remote and on-tractor emergency stopping along with a hand-held killswitch.

Designed as a solution to labor woes in agriculture, the autonomy kit allows for continuous tractor operations while freeing up staff to perform other critical work on the farm. Instead of addressing possible labor constraints by purchasing larger machines, Sabanto’s technology allows farmers to use smaller, lighter equipment, resulting in less compaction, lower equipment costs, and increased work capacity.


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