Infographic: 10 Rules For Forklift Safety

forklift safety
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One million forklifts are currently in operation at U.S. job sites, and 110,000 forklift accidents happen yearly, according to OSHA. Put another way, if you drive a forklift, you have a 1 in 10 chance of getting in an accident this year.

Recognizing the magnitude of unsafe forklift operations, industrial safety company Graphic Products has developed a shareable 10 Rules for Forklift Safety infographic that examines forklift operation rules and regulations, lays out important statistics, and provides 10 tips for eliminating forklift hazards and enhancing safety.

Despite the many benefits forklifts provide by moving materials around the modern workplace, they also bring numerous hazards: 20,000 of the forklift accidents that take place every year cause injuries, some of them fatal, costing companies more than $135 million annually. Fatalities in this category are mostly due to forklifts being overturned, responsible for 22% of fatal accidents. Furthermore, powered industrial truck hazards are routinely listed among OSHA’s top 10 violations, netting the sixth spot for 2016.

Designed as a safety training resource, the safety infographic provides links to training materials covering safety standards such as floor marking best practices and visual communications plans. The full infographic can be viewed here.