Integra HBCH Divider Panel for Seating Collection

Available on all straight or curved high back Coffee House units, it provides an added level of privacy, separation, and acoustics

Integra Inc., a designer and manufacturer of lounge seating and tables for commercial environments, introduced a new divider panel for its Coffee House Collection. Available on all straight or curved high back units, the HBCH (High Back Coffee House) divider panel provides an added level of privacy, separation, and acoustics for seating within lounge areas and other commercial interior spaces. The product will be on display during NeoCon 2021 at Integra Seating’s showroom, 10th floor, space 140.Divider Panel

The HBCH divider panels have an option for stainless steel stand-offs, which create a space between the seat and back unit, and the panels for easy cleaning. When the clean-out seat option is specified, the result is an all-sides clean-out feature that makes it easy to wipe off and sanitize all around the unit. The panels measure 2″ W x 26″ D x 45″ H and are available in a variety of vinyl or fabric options. They can also be retrofitted to any High Back Coffee House units currently in the marketplace.

Divider PanelThe Coffee House Collection is defined by its contemporary aesthetic, durability, and various options. These benefits make it suitable for commercial interiors ranging from education to workplace to healthcare and anywhere comfortable seating is required for lobbies, reception areas, and other public areas. The collection’s versatility comes from its expansive arm and leg choices, along with the ability to gang multiple straight, corner, and curved units together. Options include power ports, counters on the high backs, and a tablet arm with a 300 pound weight capacity.

Products within the Coffee House Collection, like all Integra Seating pieces, feature component-based design and construction. All arms, arm caps, backs, feet, legs, and seats can be replaced or recovered should they become damaged or worn, providing maintenance and sustainability benefits.

Divider Panel“Health and safety remain a priority, especially within lounge and public areas where creating separation between people can be a challenge,” said Chandra Putnam, Integra’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Our divider panel nicely addresses this, while maintaining the seat’s visually appealing look. The stainless steel stand-off option ensures cleaning and sanitizing access around the entire unit.”

All Integra Seating products pass a 2,000-pound static capacity and 1,000-pound dynamic (drop) capacity, both of which exceed industry standards for quality and strength. The products are bariatric weight-rated, certified Clean Air Gold, and compliant with the Healthier Hospitals Initiative of Safer Chemicals Challenge. Integra backs its products with a lifetime warranty, which includes use in 24/7 facilities.


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