Did You Miss Our “Must-Have Technology For Facilities Teams” Webinar?

View this free video webinar and learn how mobile technology increases productivity, saves time in emergencies, and creates a level playing field for newcomers and legacy team members.

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For on-the-go facility teams, mobile technology means you can be everywhere at once – increasing productivity, saving time, dealing with emergencies and creating a level playing field for newcomers and legacy team members.

However, other challenges exist: older buildings have been renovated and shut-offs can’t be found… teams rely on the memories of legacy staff…and you need to effectively coordinate building information with first responders during an emergency.

View the free “Must-Have Technology For Facilities Teams” video webinar and you’ll learn:

  • How mobile technology levels the playing field so everyone can easily access as-builts, shut-off locations, O&Ms and equipment locations.
  • How to increase emergency preparedness response with first responders
  • How to share institutional knowledge, reduce reliance on veteran staff members, and train technicians, students and other non-facility staff members
  • Why technology is a great perk/recruitment tool for next gen facility professionals

Must-Have Technology For Facilities Team