Study Shows Heat Index Reduction In KOROYD Industrial Safety Helmets

Data shows KOROYD integrated industrial safety helmets reduce heat stress by up to 8 degrees Fahrenheit / 4.5 degrees Celsius.


Koroyd GE/Caco Abbo GH400 Helmet

KOROYD released data showing that KOROYD integrated safety helmets reduce heat stress by up to 8 degrees Fahrenheit / 4.5 degrees Celsius compared to traditional EPS internal helmet constructions. 

Through a rigorous test protocol completed to evaluate the thermal comfort and microclimate build up of different industrial safety helmets, the results identified which type of helmet construction was less likely to contribute to heat stress—an increasingly salient topic within industrial safety. The findings indicated that KOROYD integrated helmets and their associated reduction of up to 8 F°/4.5 C° on the heat index, complement the human body’s natural thermoregulation and help to keep the deep body temperature at safe levels. 

The heat index is a measure of the perceived temperature of a microclimate. It represents the combination of air temperature and relative humiditya combination that exponentially increases the perceived temperature and its related dangerous heat levels.

Industrial Safety Helmets

Heat and humidity rise and evaporate through KOROYD’s tubular structure, which is 95% air, improving the feeling of comfort and breathability during long periods of usage and reducing the risk of heat-related injuries and fatalities. In hot and humid environments, KOROYD safety helmets can improve the release of heat by allowing air circulation and sweat evaporation. This can also help prevent the temptation of short term removal of PPE, which increases the risk of injuries and fatalities.

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