KOVA Debuts The Modwall Adaptable Room System

The Kova system provides a high-performing, reusable solution to address evolving workplace needs while enabling flexibility in the design.

KovaKOVA introduced Modwall, a true replacement for traditional interior on-site construction. Unlike other adaptable ‘partition’ solutions on the market, Modwall is self-supporting with an integral structural armature and modular panels that allow the system to be free-standing in any space, eliminating the need to tie back to base-building columns or overhead structure. Additionally, custom-designed connections and friction-fit slip receivers make installation simple, efficient, and reusable while also improving performance over traditional systems.

Modwall presents a compelling alternative: addressing the need for an affordable, efficient building system that meets the acoustic performance of drywall with the same ability to realize design intent, but without the mess, waste, and lost resources inherent in traditional construction. A simple aluminum wall frame with sustainable, plant-based batt insulation slides into the post-and-beam structure, providing a framework for easily mounting interior and exterior finishes. Designed with construction waste reduction in mind, the system can easily be demounted and reconfigured to meet changing human and space needs instead of ending up in a landfill.

The Modwall system addresses projects of various magnitudes and rooms of different sizes. From small huddles to large meeting rooms, it works particularly well in addressing banks of spaces with varying layouts and sizes by leveraging the same post-and-beam infrastructure. As needs and desires change, finishes can be easily swapped and the system can be reconfigured with less investment and downtime. Mechanical, electrical, and fire protection systems are integrated into the system in the shop, providing plug-and-play connections that enable easy connection to base-building systems, removing this traditional pain point. In addition, everything can be moved and refreshed for Day 2 redesign.

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