Smart Buildings And Workplace Strategies For The Future

Flipping the switch to LED lighting is no longer simply about optimizing energy use: When combined with sensors, controls, and networks, buildings become smart—gaining even greater efficiencies.

LED lightingConnected lighting now has the potential to unleash additional productivity and revenue outcomes, thanks to space optimization and utilization, more informed real estate decisions and increased employee satisfaction with their work environment.

The smart buildings evolution is top of mind for real estate and facilities management leaders, who continuously focus on reducing operating costs, meeting sustainability objectives, optimizing space within their real estate portfolio, and improving their employees’ daily work experience. While over the past decade, much attention has been focused on energy savings and achieving sustainability goals, today there is tremendous attention being paid toward space utilization and optimization, meeting room management, and increasing employee effectiveness in the workplace.

LED lightingDownload the Smart Buildings and Workplace Strategies for the Future White Paper from Current, powered by GE to explore how the smart building evolution can help reduce operating costs, meet sustainability objectives, optimize space, and improve employees’ work experience at your facility.

Smart Buildings And Workplace Strategies For The Future

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