Legrand Hospitality Suite Of Offerings

Solutions that deliver and control power, light, and data are aimed at helping hotel management elevate the form and function of their properties.

Legrand has launched a new hospitality initiative, focused on helping hotel management and owners meet the demand to continually evolve and differentiate via technology and aesthetics. Through its suite of solutions that deliver and control power, light, and data, Legrand empowers hospitality facility decision-makers to elevate the form and function of their properties and serve guests with increased accessibility and artful design.hotel management

As part of the company’s broad offerings, Legrand can provide a range of products for any room across a hospitality property, including design-centric lighting and power control (including USB charging); outdoor power systems; floor, table, and ceiling power boxes for efficient and functional meeting rooms; and the Under-Cabinet Lighting and Power system for guest suites.

For instance, Legrand has redefined safe and convenient access to power throughout guest rooms with its Furniture Power Centers and Casegood lighting and power control products. These products incorporate electrical outlets and USB charging installed into the headboard or other in-room furniture units offering guests a convenient place to charge phones and tablets. And recognizing the industry focus on energy savings, Legrand products integrate a master switch at the headboard, allowing guests to shut off all non-essential power from the bedside from one source.