Legrand Releases Starline Series-S Track Busway

The track busway system has IP54, IP44, and NEMA-3R ratings, making it splash-proof, dust-resistant, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Legrand revealed the Starline Series-S Track Busway power distribution system. The product is the newest in the Starline track busway line, with the additional ingress-protection rating of IP54. The product offers a flexible electrical power distribution system that supports changing load locations in environments with limited space.

The Starline Series-S Track Busway has an IP54 ingress-protection rating, making it splash proof and dust-resistant. It can be used anywhere that additional water, dust, or other contaminants require up to an IP54 (including IP44) or NEMA 3R rating. IP44 certifies the product’s protection against solid foreign objects of 1.0 mm and greater. It is also rated for indoor or outdoor use due to its protection against rain, sleet, wind-blown dust, and resistance to damage by ice-formation, as per its NEMA 3R rating.

It has multiple mounting options, a continuous access slot, and configurable plug-in units, which are offered with a wide variety of watertight IEC- and NEMA-rated devices. Its plug-in units can be connected and disconnected without de-energizing the busway, eliminating the need for bus-duct, pipe, or wire solutions.

Other features include: 

  • Available in 5- and 10-foot sections, custom lengths upon request 
  • 100-to-1200-amp systems, 4 pole, rated up to 600Vac or 600Vdc 
  • UL, IEC and ETL certifications 
  • Aluminum housing with corrosion-resistant coating 
  • Splash proof and highly dust-resistant design with watertight IEC and NEMA device options
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