LSI’s Universal Replacement Light Poles

Available in various styles, they allow for the quick replacement of corroded or damaged poles

LSI Industries has introduced a new line of universal light poles for renovation and replacement applications. The new products feature slotted holes on the base plate that can accommodate most anchor bolt patterns in the marketplace. This allows facility managers to reuse their existing anchor bolts with new LSI poles, regardless of the current bolt pattern or original pole supplier. This flexibility can eliminate the need to set new anchor bolts in concrete, reducing material and labor costs while accelerating installation times. The new feature also provides for pole choices and pricing options.light poles

“Pole-mounted luminaires play a critical role in keeping parking lots and walkways safe and well-lit,” said Mike Prachar, Chief Marketing Officer of LSI Industries. “As poles become corroded or damaged over time, our universal poles give customers the ability to make replacements quickly, enhance safety, and minimize risk.”

These universal replacement light poles are made of steel and available in square, round, and round-tapered styles. They are manufactured in the U.S. and can be shipped within 10 days after an order is placed. Each pole is coated with DuraGrip® to prevent corrosion and comes with a five year warranty.

  • light polesEach shaft is purchased to a stricter straightness tolerance than specified on industry material standards. Shafts with dents, dings, roll marks, or patterns on the exterior surface are rejected. Shafts are stored indoors to prevent corrosion.
  • After connecting holes are cut and hand holes and baseplates welded to the shafts, each pole undergoes a thorough shot-peening process, resulting in a near-white surface. This procedure removes all dirt and scale and strengthens the surface of the steel by inducing a compressive residual stress that helps prevent cracking and extend the life of the pole.
  • After shot peening, a neutral wash is applied followed by the application of a zirconium treatment that improves powder-coast adhesion and protects from corrosion.
  • Next, each pole is coated through electrostatic application of a polyester powder paint in standard LSI bronze or the color approved by the customer. Paint thickness is measured in multiple locations along the pole to ensure specification adherence.
  • Finally, the pole is oven baked to form a homogenous, non-porous surface and wrapped for shipment in a woven fabric sleeve to protect the finish during transit.

When the top-of-the line DuraGrip® Plus Protection System is selected, in addition to the DuraGrip® Protection System, a non-porous, automotive-grade corrosion coating is applied to the lower portion of the pole interior, sealing and further protecting it from corrosion. This option extends the product coverage to a seven year warranty.