Model TNL280 Pendent Spray Nozzle

The Reliable sprinkler is cULus listed for use in fixed fire protection systems

Model TNL280 from Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc. is a cULus Corrosion Resistant nonautomatic (open) pendent spray nozzle / sprinkler. It is suitable for use in fixed fire protection systems but designed primarily for use in tunnel fire protection.pendent spray nozzle

Model TNL280 is intended for installation in the pendent position and meets distribution criteria for coverage up to 324 ft2 per nozzle. It features a low required pressure for coverage up to 18′ x 18′. Maximum working pressure is 175 psi (12 bar) with a minimum working pressure of 7 psi (.48 bar). Recommended installation torque is 22 ft/lb to 30 ft/lb (30 to 40 N/m). Nominal K-factor is 28.

Installation of Model TNL280 is accomplished by applying PTFE-based thread sealant to the male threads of the nozzle. The pendent spray nozzle is then threaded into the sprinkler system fitting by hand, then tightened using only the Reliable Model N1 wrench, which is designed to engage the nozzle’s wrench flats.

Model TNL280 has a brass alloy frame, a bronze alloy deflector and deflector screw retainer, and an electroless nickel PTFE (ENT) finish.