New ColorCore®2 Compact Line From Formica

This new series of durable compact grade laminate combines durability and style, now in three new colors.

Formica Corporation has introduced its new ColorCore®2 Compact series, a beautiful expansion of new core colors for compact grade laminate. ColorCore®2 Compact offers designers and architects the ability to utilize the functionality of compact surfacing, with new colors to bring their design vision even closer to reality.

compact grade laminate“Spaces like locker rooms and hospitals require practical and highly durable surfaces, but hard-working spaces don’t have to sacrifice on aesthetics,” said Megan McClendon, commercial design lead at Formica Corporation. “ColorCore®2 Compact is another way Formica is working to give designers more options for their projects.”

compact grade laminateColorCore®2 Compact is a compact grade, two-sided structural laminate with new coordinating colors through the core.

The core is now available in three foundational solid colors—Navy Blue, Mouse and Mojave—which can be paired with multiple patterns for a uniquely customized look to fit a designer’s desired aesthetic.

Ideal for heavy-duty commercial settings, including restrooms and wall partitions, tables, lockers and wall cladding.compact grade laminate

Formica ColorCore®2 Compact laminate has high strength; impact-, water- and humidity resistance; and can be routed to create different shapes and forms.

ColorCore®2 Compact ranges from $9 -$14 per square foot, material only.