NEW PRODUCT FLASH: 90 Series Valves by Chicago Faucets

Chicago Faucets has introduced its new 90 Series pre-rinse spray valves designed to meet the demands of food service applications and offering significant water savings without compromising performance.

Geared for use in restaurants, commercial kitchens, and institutions, the 90 Series is built with durability in mind. All valve components are fully field serviceable if needed; it’s easy to service or replace the outlet and handle for less downtime. A versatile design allows the 90 Series to be used in pre-rinse, filler, and hose reel locations, with appropriate models available for each of these applications. The ¾”-14 UNS inlet thread installs to industry standard hoses.

In terms of water conservation, the pre-rinse models offer a maximum flow rate of 1.0 gpm—approximately 30% below the allowable standard—saving water and operating cost without sacrificing cleaning performance. This figure is based on three hours of daily usage and industry average utility costs, industry standard 1.42 gpm, and low flow competitor rate of 1.28 gpm.

Along with water savings, the 90 Series cleaning capacity reduces the time needed to complete a job. The pre-rinse spray cuts work time almost 15%—to 22 seconds from the industry standard of 26 seconds.

The 90 Series spray valves feature a chrome plated, forged brass valve body for durability, a chrome plated brass handle with PVC coating for maximum durability and heat resistance, an integrated stainless steel activation spring for minimal force opening and firm closing, a nickel plated brass stem for smooth operation, and an integrated stainless steel handle clip that holds the valve open to minimize hand fatigue.

The 90 Series, a part of the Chicago Faucets ECAST® line, meets ASME A112.18.1M and ASTM F2323-03 codes, as well as the latest lead reduction laws. ECAST is the line of brass faucets and fixtures designed and manufactured with one-quarter of one percent (.25%) or less total lead content by weighted average. These products are intended for installation in locations, such as California, where state laws and local codes mandate lead content levels or wherever lead content is a concern.

The 90 Series can be purchased separately to install on existing Chicago Faucets products or is available as an alternative spray on all complete Chicago Faucets pre-rinse fittings.