New Product Flash: Classroom A+ Audio System From Panasonic

Panasonic’s A+ Audio System is a combination classroom audio/security device that puts one button access to immediate assistance within instructors’ reach in case of a security emergency. In everyday use, the system’s WX-LT350 infrared wireless microphone enables the instructor to be heard clearly, even by students in the back of the room. In the event of a security incident, such as an intruder entering the classroom, a medical emergency, or student disturbance, the instructor can easily push a button on the pendant microphone to send a silent alarm and trigger video surveillance of the incident.

An alert button is built into the microphone, which is worn as a pendant around the instructor’s neck. Pressing and holding the function (F) button sends a silent and invisible alert, providing responders a variety of options, including viewing and listening to what is happening in the classroom via network camera and microphone. Video captured in the classroom can be viewed on a web browser for off site officials.

Normally serving as a document camera to provide visual aid for students, the Panasonic WV-NS202A IP camera becomes a surveillance tool when the F button is held—instantly refocusing to a pre-set position for real time surveillance of the security incident. Other Panasonic camera options are also available.

In this application, the Panasonic WX-LA50A receiver/amplifier reacts to an alarm signal from the microphone by repositioning the camera to the preset point, such as a zoom out to encompass the entire classroom, and forwards an alert to the network. The system provides options to send a signal to a pre-designated security department and email messages to a pre-selected list of recipients.

“The new security response capabilities of our A+ Audio give teachers, administrators, and students added peace of mind at a time when school violence is on the rise and concerns about classroom safety are more urgent than ever,” said Bill Taylor, President, Panasonic System Networks Company of America.

The receiver/amplifier can communicate across the network with the use of a monitoring station to provide immediate emergency information without the need for access to a computer, using audible and visual alerts and an at a glance alert status display. Other appropriate responses—such as alert emails, special ring tones, and access to web based audio and video—are determined and implemented by school administrators.

Mr. Taylor adds, “These security features provide an additional benefit over and above the audio system’s day to day. Sound enhancement technology in the classroom provides greater acoustic accessibility to every student, and now our audio system makes students safer. In a school security emergency, faster awareness enables faster response.”