NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Waste Management, Recycling, and Diversion from IEA

This past June, Furman Brothers, Inc. and The Boston Group announced they have joined forces to launch International Environmental Alliance (IEA). Combining the industry experience of veteran waste and recycling leaders, IEA offers premium, national, and international, full service sustainable waste management, recycling, and diversion services for facilities of all types and sizes.

“Our goal for IEA is to set a new standard in sustainable waste management,” said Aaron Furman, CEO of IEA and former senior executive at Oakleaf Waste Management.

Through leadership in sustainable waste solutions, an alliance with The Boston Group, DC Environmental, Boston Plastics, and Boston Group Mexico, an asset-light management model, and commitment to service, IEA seeks to transform the future of waste management. The company, based in Tustin, CA, is offering a comprehensive, customized package of waste management, recycling, and diversion services to help facilities realize the benefits of aligning these types of solutions with the success of their business.

Together, IEA’s partners have developed four benchmarks through which the company will deliver sustainable waste management solutions:

National and International Waste Management Program
IEA’s extensive industry experience, asset-light management model, and vast network of vendors allow it to offer high quality comprehensive, customized waste management, recycling, and diversion services to a national and international client base.

Leadership in Sustainability and Diversion
IEA will be continually implementing innovative, forward reaching solutions in waste diversion and recycling. The company’s LEED certified experts are trained to assess facilities and design waste management programs to help clients achieve the numerous LEED prerequisites and credits related to waste management and diversion.

Top Quality Customer Service
IEA’s foremost commitment is to providing personalized customer service to every client—no matter how big or small. IEA helps businesses achieve and exceed their waste management and diversion goals, stay compliant with regulations, and spread the word about their sustainability achievements.

Focus on Client Business Success
IEA understands that fiscal responsibility and environmental sustainability leads to business opportunity. By comprehensively auditing and optimizing clients’ waste management programs using expertise in rightsizing, waste minimization, and diversion, IEA offers the highest quality sustainable service at the lowest cost.