ROCKWOOL Introduces New Fire Resistance Product

The ProRox PS 680 Insulation incorporates fire resistance technology to provide cost-effective fire performance for critical plant piping.

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation introduced its ProRox PS 680 with FR-Tech insulation for pipework systems of various sizes. The next-generation insulation technology provides proven fire resistance to a plant’s piping network—giving staff additional time to stop the spread of a fire and get to a safe location.

ProRox PS 680 with FR-Tech is the latest offering in ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation’s line of ProRox stone wool insulation products. By effectively slowing the transfer of a fire’s heat to steel pipework, this innovative insulation adds critical time to your plant’s fire response and evacuation plans.

ProRox PS 680 was successfully tested to the UL 1709 fire curve for optimized fire performance in 1- and 2-hour ratings on Schedule 40 and 80 pipe sections. It was also certified by internationally recognized organizations such as SWRI, Intertek, and SGH to deliver proven fire resistance for steam and pipe systems operating at high temperatures.

ProRox PS 680 is available as mandrel-wound, stone wool insulation pipe sections. The insulation sections are applied at typically half the thickness of conventional insulation materials and install easily, without the need for sealants or offsite cutting. The insulation’s thinner application profile makes it easier to install around tight pipe bends and areas with limited clearance space. And because it is removable and reusable, the insulation optimizes maintenance costs and allows for cost-effective, simplified inspection.

ProRox 680 with FR-Tech also incorporates ROCKWOOL’s proven WR-Tech technology, a revolutionary binder that coats each individual insulation fiber to combat corrosion under insulation (CUI). This gives the insulation dramatically improved water repellency. In fact, the patented WR-Tech makes the insulation five times more water repellent (at 482°F) than standard EN-compliant stone wool, even after heating and aging.

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