Russelectric Offers Customized Switchgear Simulators

Ideal for training personnel on automatic and manual operation of Russelectric switchgear systems, without interfering with the system.

Russelectric, A Siemens Business, announced the availability of Switchgear Simulators designed to train personnel on automatic and manual operation of Russelectric switchgear for healthcare facilities.

Switchgear Stimulators are customized to mimic the operation of the customer’s on-site Russelectric switchgear/system automation and graphics. Russelectric simulators are for familiarizing workers with the system and its operation and for accurately diagnosing a wide range of utility, generator, and circuit breaker problems, as well as other potentially damaging system events. The simulators can also be used to assess the impact of changes to PLC setpoints such as kW values, changing the prioritized load sequence, and time delays between upstream and downstream equipment. Using the simulators enables operators to pretest new method of procedure documents and use that information to develop and validate site operating and emergency procedures. The Switchgear Stimulators allow operators to run an almost limitless number of failure scenarios, reducing wear on generators and circuit breakers.

Whenever the switchgear is upgraded, the simulator can be used to thoroughly test the modified PLC and operator interface panel (OIP) logic before downloading it to the online PLC system, dramatically reducing live system testing time. Switchgear Simulators conserve diesel fuel and reduce pollution by limiting engine runtime.

Russelectric Switchgear Simulators are available in two versions. The Russelectric Training Simulator allows personnel to train on the automatic operation of Russelectric Switchgear, while the Russelectric Advanced Training Simulator allows personnel to train on both manual and automatic operations. With the addition of hard-wired controls and interlock circuits, the simulator PLC accurately mimics full manual controls, enabling personnel to train in the comfort and safety of an office environment, without ever interfering with the actual power control system. Russelectric Switchgear Simulators can be used

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