Russelectric Releases Service Entrance Rated Transfer Switches

Russelectric's RTSCD-SE Transfer Switches combine automatic power switching with NEC requirements for service entrance use.

Russelectric's RTSCD-SE Commercial Duty Service Entrance Rated Transfer Switches
Russelectric’s RTSCD-SE Commercial Duty Service Entrance Rated Transfer Switches

Russelectric debuts its RTSCD, Commercial Duty Transfer Switch, now with a service entrance rating, RTSCD-SE, for meeting all National Electrical Code requirements of the Normal/Utility source for service entrance use. The transfer switches are a cost-effective option for commercial spaces that combine automatic power switching with the necessary disconnecting, grounding, and bonding required for use as service entrance equipment. 

The RTSCD-SE transfer switches incorporate a user-friendly operator interface panel that features a keypad with text and icons and comes standard with an historical event log. The product is available in 2, 3, and 4 pole models, with solid or fully rated switched neutral. Featuring rapid and reliable arc quenching, the front connected RTSCD-SE offers manual transfer with rapid arc interruption, as well as a permanently affixed manual handle and mechanically held contactor. Contacts are easily accessible for inspection. 

Additionally, these switches feature preloaded springs and electric operator-driven over-center mechanism that result in quick switching operation. This design instantaneously opens and closes the contacts, providing rapid full arc interruption, even under maximum voltage and amperage, thereby considerably reducing contact erosion and increasing the switch’s useful life.

The RTSCD-SE switches meet UL1008 up to 480 (VAC) and comply with NFPA 110, NEC Articles 700, 701, 702, Enclosure UL Type 1 and IBC 2018 and CBC2019 seismic standards.

Optional accessories include a power monitoring package, auto/load test key switch and load shed relay, selector switch for auto/manual, pushbuttons for manual transfer, and a space heater/thermostat.

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