Securitech Announces Launch of Auto-Bolt Max™ Exit Device Series

Amid rising security concerns for critical infrastructure and retail facilities, Securitech's multi-point Auto-Bolt Max protection is now available for exit doors.

Securitech, a provider of high-security locking devices, announced the official launch of its Auto-Bolt Max™ Exit Device Series. This fulfills an essential need by expanding the applications for its award-winning Auto-Bolt Max™ series.

The launch of the Auto-Bolt Max (ABM) Exit Device Series, designed for doors requiring panic exit hardware, is both timely and needed, with both critical infrastructure and retail industries needing greater levels of protection from forced entry and severe weather events. While these are different threats, a renewed concern for resilient, multi-point locking for their facilities looms large for both.

Securitech Exit Device SeriesAlthough critical infrastructure has always prioritized facility protection, world events and an increase in severe weather activities have renewed interest in ensuring the fortification of facilities against man-made and natural onslaughts, particularly for remote or standalone facilities. Similarly, retail stores now have a greater need for more effective barriers to forced entry. The last two years have seen a rapid boom in both organized and opportunistic retail crime resulting in record numbers of burglaries and more sophisticated attacks. In short, neither critical infrastructure facilities nor retail stores can afford to jeopardize the security of their locations and are seeking improved measures for protection.

Securitech Exit Device SeriesThe ABM Exit Device Series projects steel deadbolts as opposed to traditional, latching exit devices. These proven forced-entry protection measures are available in both concealed models and surface applied models for retrofit applications. With up to five locking points (three separate locking locations on the lock edge, and up to two customizable locking points on the hinge edge), maximum protection against break-ins is provided each and every time the door closes. Saw resistant, free-spinning locking stainless steel deadbolts project a full 1″ into the door frame and header, fastening the door to the frame much like a bank vault door. All Securitech exit devices contain additional forced-entry and state-of-the-art vandal-resistant features.

To meet life safety and single-motion exit requirements, a simple push of the interior touchbar retracts all bolts simultaneously, allowing for free egress. ABM also meets today’s security signaling requirements by providing optional request-to-exit, bolt position, door position, and other signals. The ABM Exit Device Series is compatible with keying systems and can be integrated with access control systems for electric entry to meet the needs of any facility. Other customizable features include local alarms, alarm signals, vertical or horizontal locking bolt locations and unique bolt hold-back options to meet operational needs.

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