Siemens Acquires Comfy App Company

Expanding its smart building solutions portfolio, Siemens has acquired Building Robotics, whose user-friendly Comfy app empowers building occupants.

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The Comfy app integrates with building automation, IT networks, and IoT systems to provide on-demand control and smart automation to building occupants and facility management.

Siemens Building Technologies Division is expanding its smart building solutions by acquiring Building Robotics Inc., a market leader in the digital workplace experience app domain. Headquartered in Oakland, CA, start-up Building Robotics achieved its leadership position by developing a simple-to-use app that enables people to take control of their environment. Building Robotics, Inc. is best known by the name of its core product, Comfy.

As a result of the acquisition, Building Robotics Inc. will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens Industry Inc. and continue to operate as a vendor-agnostic platform provider. The two co-founders CEO Andrew Krioukov and CTO Stephen Dawson-Haggerty will remain in their current positions in the management team of Building Robotics Inc. Closing is expected in the third quarter of 2018.

“This move further strengthens our leadership position in smart buildings,” said Matthias Rebellius, CEO of Siemens Building Technologies. “With the Comfy app we will bring a consumer-like experience to commercial buildings that simplifies the interaction with buildings to increase employee productivity and engagement.”

Through the Comfy app, Siemens Building Technologies will connect people, places, and systems to create amazing workplace experiences — putting people in the center of a building. Comfy directly integrates with existing building automation, IT networks, and IoT systems to provide on-demand control and smart automation, within a single intuitive app. At a time when smart technology is becoming a must-have in the office, employees can use the app to make immediate changes in temperature and lighting, book rooms and desks, and provide feedback on their space.

“Comfy has successfully redefined the way people interact with their workplaces,” said Andrew Krioukov, CEO and co-founder of Building Robotics Inc. “By joining Siemens, the global leader in total building solutions, we open up greater opportunities to accelerate the development of new functionalities, grow the open protocol ecosystem, and reach more people around the world.”

Founded in 2012, the Comfy team leverages expertise in machine learning, UX design, and enterprise service to develop software solutions for building operators and occupants. The start-up has leading enterprise customers in major markets such as the U.S., Australia, Singapore and India.