SpeedTite Roof Drain by OMG Roofing Products

The SpeedTite™ Roof Drain by OMG Roofing Products is a fast way to install roof drains in new or retrofit applications. For use with all types of drain covers, it features the SpeedTite® Mechanical Seal, “drop-in-ready” packaging, and a maximum inside diameter drain stem designed for improved flow performance.

roof drainTo use the SpeedTite Roof Drain, the drain stem is inserted into the existing drain leader and the SpeedTite Mechanical Seal (patent pending) is hand tightened to create a symmetrical watertight seal. No special tools are required.

The drain is installed from the rooftop and so will not disrupt building occupants. The one-piece, seamless body provides strength and durability and is 11 gauge (.125″) spun aluminum. It features a heavy-duty cast aluminum strainer dome and clamping ring. The 10″ long drain stem accommodates most existing conditions and can be field cut if needed or obtained in longer lengths. The extra large flange has a 17″ diameter with sump area and allows positive attachment of the roof flashing membrane. Flanges are also available with TPO or PVC coatings for direct hot air welding.

The SpeedTite Roof Drain, SpeedTite Roof Drain Coated for TPO, and SpeedTite Roof Drain Coated for PVC come in 3″ or 4″ sizes with dimensional weights of 32 pounds. They each exceed ANSI/SPRI RD-1 for back flow prevention, which requires that the seal hold a 10′ column of water for 24 hours without leaking.