Survey: What Is Your Cyber Security Role?

The National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) and its Building Systems Commissioning Committee, the University of West Florida, and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte are conducting a survey of facility managers (owners) and other stakeholders in building cyber security.

As part of a research partnership, this survey has been created to further a dialogue regarding potential cyber threats and the role and responsibilities of:

  • Facility managers (owners)
  • Commissioning consultants (CxA, or similar)
  • Consultants (building automation system installations)
  • IT personnel

Responsibilities for many stakeholders have evolved related to building automation system installations. These now include concerns for critical operations through the use of networked program platforms, which in turn, also have created cyber security concerns.cyber security

This study aims to establish not only the specific percieved concerns, but also the roles of each of the team/partners/stakeholders, in terms of risk mitigation.

The survey — anticipated to take approximately five minutes — has been developed to collect information pertaining to respondents’ organization and/or their role in building automation systems and cyber security. To access the survey, click this link.


If there are any questions prior to taking the survey, you may contact the research partners:

Glenda Mayo, Ph.D., CDT, LEED AP
Assistant Professor
UNC Charlotte, The William States Lee College of Engineering
Department of Engineering Technology and Construction Management
Charlotte, NC
Call (704) 687-5047, or e-mail:


Dallas H. Snider, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Computer Science
University of West Florida
Pensacola, FL
Call (850) 473.7348, or e-mail: