Today Is World FM Day!

This past March, The Global Facility Management Association (Global FM) announced the first ever World FM Day, to take place today, August 28, 2009.

Global FM member organizations on five different continents—Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America—are celebrating World FM Day by organizing luncheons, seminars, and workshops, or by undertaking other activities to celebrate and promote facilities management. In designating today as the first World FM Day, Global FM, which is based in Brussels, Belgium hopes to:

  • draw attention to the aims, objectives, and progress of the facilities management profession around the world
  • highlight the valuable contribution good facilities management has made and is making to sustainable global communities; productive, safe, healthy and secure work environments; and local and global economies
  • give worldwide coverage to the ideals of facilities management, not only within the profession and industry, but also to governments and the general public.

When the event was announced in the spring, Global FM Chairman Steve Gladwin, said, “I am very proud that we will celebrate the first World FM Day this August with our friends across the globe, and it is a great sign of how Global FM contributes to advancing facilities management. It will be an exciting day for Global FM and the FM community, because we have the opportunity to showcase in various locations that facilities management is a critical, strategic business discipline, making a real contribution to the success of organizations.”

Individual Events, Common Goals
International associations including the Associação Brasileira de Facilities (ABRAFAC), the Association des Directeurs et Responsables de Services Généraux (ARSEG), the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE), the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM), the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA Australia), FM-ARENA, the Hungarian Facility Management Society (HFMS), the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), and the South African Facilities Management Association (SAFMA) have planned public events to mark this first World FM Day.

In the U.S., IFMA invites its members and facility professionals in the international community to log into the IFMA Twitter site to share unique aspects of FM in their country and discuss global FM topics in IFMA’s first TweetWorldFMDay event. Follow the questions at or #worldfmday.

ABRAFAC in Brazil is holding a Happy Hour for its members, which will include the presentation of lifetime achievement awards to individuals considered the forerunners and “founding fathers” of the FM movement and community in Brazil.

In Hungary, HFMS is hosting a press breakfast in Budapest, which will include announcement of the Governmental Strategy for the Advancement of the Hungarian FM Industry 2009-2013, a members’ meeting, and video conferencing with BIFM in Britain.

More events can be viewed on the Global FM site.


  1. Belated wishes to all FM’s all over the world for the First ever World FM Day . Bravo! & Cheers!-
    From-Srinivas Sandy, Hyderabad, India….

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