Tork Cleaning Management Software

Digital Cleaning Plans digitizes planning and management for a more efficient cleaning routine

Tork, an Essity brand and a global brand in workplace hygiene, entered the software industry by releasing Digital Cleaning Plans, a new cleaning management software. It includes functions for planning, communication, administration, and follow-up and can be used by both mid-size and small-scale cleaning management software

With Digital Cleaning Plans, cleaning companies are offered the opportunity to experience a more efficient way of working, which simplifies cleaners’ tasks.

“We stepped into the software industry as we saw the need for an easily available digital cleaning solution. With Tork Digital Cleaning Plans, we give management the tools they need to take control of their operations and to use their time and resources in smarter ways,” said Anna Kὄnigson Koopmans, Marketing Director Commercial and Public Interest at Essity.

For managers, there are several advantages with Digital Cleaning Plans, including the ability to schedule and delegate tasks. All cleaning instructions are available, updated, and delegated from a common digital platform. All staff will work from the latest plan, and the intuitive interface both guides users and supports a harmonized way of working. Real-time delegation of tasks ensures that your most pressing issues are dealt with as soon as possible.

The dashboard gives a quick overview of cleaning activities, and based on predefined queries, lets users follow up on unfinished tasks.

The cleaning management software also enables easy reporting for accurate follow-up to clients. The result is better fulfillment of service level agreements and satisfied clientele.

With clear, always-available instructions and guidance within the software, Tork Digital Cleaning Plans enables improved communications among cleaners and between cleaning staff and management. Cleaning staff can troubleshoot issues and report problems to management by communicating and uploading images directly into the program.

Digital Cleaning Plans also simplifies the introduction of new staff and handovers between staff members during shift changes.

“We have been eager to create a service specifically for cleaning staff who are integral to the results that are delivered to venue clients and visitors. By helping their daily work operate more efficiently, we’ll not only be able to boost results, but also mitigate any cleaning issues before they arise,” said Kὄnigson Koopmans.

Digital Cleaning Plans is the first step in digitizing cleaning operations, and even more value can be achieved when using them in conjunction with data-driven cleaning services from Tork, such as Tork EasyCube, a network of sensor-equipped dispensers that alert facility management of exactly when and where cleaning needs occur.