VARIDESK Introduces QuickFlex Walls

QuickFlex Walls can be assembled or disassembled in minutes, so you can easily create conference rooms, offices, or focus areas on demand.

VARIDESK® has expanded its growing suite of office furniture to include QuickFlex Walls™, which can be assembled or disassembled in minutes. The movable walls debut this week at IFMA World Workplace® 2018.

QuickFlex Walls are modular panels that create defined spaces, private offices, freestanding partitions, focused work areas, or flexible conference rooms within an existing space. Facility managers can quickly set up, break down, and reassemble areas dozens – or even hundreds – of times with no additional costs, construction crews, or long waiting times. The walls complement VARIDESK’s full line of active workspace solutions which includes electric sit-stand desks, storage solutions, lighting, and conference tables.

“Work is constantly evolving, and flexibility is needed now more than ever before,” said Jason McCann, CEO and co-founder of VARIDESK. “Our customers tell us they want an agile workspace that can be adapted to their needs, and we have been developing all of our products with that in mind. QuickFlex Walls are a simple, smart and straightforward way to adjust office space with the changing needs of your business.”

QuickFlex WallsCommercial real estate firm JLL forecasts flexible, open space could rise from its current 5 percent to 30 percent by 2030 due to tenant demand.

“When facility managers hear ‘open workspace,’ it can set off some alarms because it means different things for different people,” said William Martin, senior director of Real Estate and Facilities, Health Management Systems, Inc. and a VARIDESK strategic partner. “With QuickFlex Walls, you can optimize costs while adding flexibility. You’re able to continually adapt your physical space to the needs of your employees without impacting budgets.”

The panels range in price from $995 for an individual panel to $1,990 for a set with a door.

VARIDESK will be exhibiting at the IFMA World Workplace Expo at Booth 1219. The booth will showcase VARIDESK’s full suite of active workspace products, including QuickFlex Walls.