Windows & Window Film Product Focus

This assortment of windows & window film products will help increase natural light, improve energy efficiency, and boost the exterior and interior appearance of your facility.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the June 2023 Issue

Consider this assortment of windows & window film products when looking to increase natural light, improve energy efficiency, and boost the exterior and interior appearance of your facility.

Windows & Window FilmOld World Suite Steel Windows and Doors
by Hope’s Windows

THope’s Windows, Inc. revealed its fully developed, tested, and certified product line—Hope’s Old World Suite. The new product, with its thin arrow-shaped steel frame profiles, represents a return to Old World style with the benefit of over 100 years of advancements in modern performance.

Hope’s Old World Suite’s steel profiles closely resemble the “three-point casement” profiles that were routinely in use by the company in the early 20th century. More recently, Hope’s developed new, modern steel arrow-shaped profiles in response to a need for historically accurate, high-performance replacement steel windows for a restoration project at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. The resulting steel profiles replicated and preserved the visual features of the historic buildings.

Old World Suite is the culmination of over a century of technological innovation: A complete product line that combines the striking visual appearance of the past with performance of the present, including Hope’s innovative Thermal Evolution technology.

Windows & Window FilmAscent Glass Windscreen
by Sightline Commercial Solutions

A Sightline Commercial Solutions (formerly Trex Commercial) introduced Ascent Glass Windscreen. Ascent Glass Windscreen is engineered with a qualified wind load of 80psf—eight times the industry standard—and this post-supported glass system takes commercial design possibilities to new heights by delivering unparalleled wind protection and allowing for applications at virtually any altitude.

The aluminum and steel used to construct windscreens provide the framework for a robust final product. Specifically, the steel stanchions and snap-fit posts help support the glass infill and pressure plate. The company finishes it off with silicone and screws, making sure the glass windscreen is secure and polished. Windscreens serve much more than a functional purpose; they add a vital architectural element that enhances aesthetics as well as safety and comfort.

The Ascent Glass Windscreens are sleek, modern, and accommodating to many buildings’ aesthetics. The Ascent windscreen comes with anodized, powder-coated, and Kynar finishes.

Windows & Window Film

Smart Windows
by View

View, Inc.’s Smart Windows use artificial intelligence to automatically adjust in response to the sun to maximize access to natural light and views of the outdoors while minimizing heat and glare. As a result, View Smart Windows reduce a building’s energy consumption by regulating heat and increasing natural light. Research shows that occupants in buildings with View Smart Windows have a reduction in eyestrain and headaches by over 50%, improved sleep by over 30 minutes per night, and increased cognitive function by 42%.

Every View installation includes a cloud-connected smart building platform that can easily be extended to improve indoor cellular coverage, enhance building security and reimagine the occupant experience. View Smart Windows also qualifies for the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), a 30% to 50% federal tax credit intended to drive widespread adoption of smart windows.

Series 9200 Aluminum Window Line
by Crystal Window & Door Systems

Crystal Window & Door Systems’ Series 9200 Aluminum Window Line includes high-end aluminum polyamide thermal barrier windows capable of meeting today’s demanding energy, operating, and aesthetic demands. Now the flagship of the Crystal product lines, the Series 9200 is available in Tilt-and-Turn (dual action), In-Swing Casement, and Fixed/Picture window models and is well suited for all applications, especially mid- and high-rise buildings.

The Crystal 9200 is a 3-¼” jamb depth architecturally-rated window line with modern, clean European-style frame and sash and utilizes an advanced energy-efficient structure. Features adding to the visual appeal of the window line include the zero-sightline sash design and concealed, heavy-duty hinges (up to 275-lb. weight capacity).

The Series 9200 models are finished in Crystal’s durable and environmentally sustainable powder coat paint. The window’s polyamide thermal strut construction facilitates dual-finish, two-tone paint options, where the exterior and interior can be finished in two different colors.


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