YMCA Receives Energy Efficiency as a Service

Budderfly to help Southwest Kansas YMCA receive an estimated annual energy savings of over 82,000 kWh

Budderfly, a growing firm in the North American Energy Efficiency as a Service market, announced the YMCA of Southwest Kansas in Garden City has selected the company to upgrade its lighting and HVAC units—at no out-of-pocket expense. Budderfly provided 100% of the capital, equipment, and installation to transform the YMCA for better energy efficiency. Read the full YMCA case study to learn all the details and benefits of this unique energy reduction/cost-savings program.

Energy Efficiency as a Service
Chad Knight, CEO, Garden City Family YMCA, (on right) is shown how HVAC can be upgraded.

The YMCA of Southwest Kansas is a 68,000-square-foot facility that welcomes 6,000 registered members and 22,000 guests per year. Lighting and cooling a facility of this size is no inexpensive process. In a single month, the YMCA was consuming 11,208 kWh, and replacing worn-out bulbs—when they could find them to purchase—seemed to be a perpetual process costing thousands of dollars.

“For the capital investment, we would have been doing this for 10 to 12 years to do what Budderfly did for us in a matter of three weeks. It was a no-brainer for my committee because we had nothing to lose. Budderfly came up with the capital investment, it was just a huge benefit to have the money put upfront for us to make a difference in our facility, make a difference for our members, and most importantly—get the energy savings on the HVAC equipment so it was not running at full capacity all the time,” said Chad Knight CEO, YMCA of Southwest Kansas.

Budderfly’s Energy Efficiency as a Service upgrades include:

  • Retrofitting recessed fixtures.
  • Retrofitting surface mount fluorescent fixtures.
  • Replacing high-bay fixtures with new, high-efficiency LED fixtures.
  • Installing NexRev Variable Frequency Drives on six HVAC units.
  • Installing HVAC chips in seven units to regulate performance and extend the units’ lifecycle.

Budderfly’s energy solution for the YMCA of Southwest Kansas might seem too good to be true. However, the company is able to finance and deliver all these benefits (and to create their own profits) through the ability to generate large energy savings. The solutions implemented by Budderfly reduce the YMCA’s energy consumption by approximately 30%. A portion of the money saved goes back to the YMCA in the form of facility improvements, 24/7/365 management, maintenance services, and long-term contracted savings.

“Many organizations lack the upfront capital to invest in energy efficient LED lighting and HVAC upgrades, but desperately want to improve their customers’ experience and carbon footprint,” said Al Subbloie, CEO, Budderfly. “We are proud that our Energy Efficiency as a Service is helping the Southwest Kansas YMCA make their interior environment more comfortable and welcoming for members and guests while also saving money and the planet.”

Budderfly provides energy savings with no out-of-pocket costs for businesses through their Energy Efficiency as a Service solution. The company provides all the technology, 100% of the investment in efficiency upgrades, and the expertise to deliver the most energy efficient, highest savings solution without the project risks or competing financial tradeoffs. Budderfly combines monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades like LED lighting, HVAC, Budderfly IOT sensors, temperature and refrigeration controls, renewable energy sourcing, and more into a one-stop solution.


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