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The Focus Configurator and Spec Builder aim to facilitate choosing the ideal seating products for a project.

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Interactive Spec Tools From American Seating

American Seating, designer and manufacturer of seating solutions, recently introduced two interactive online customer support tools — The Focus Configurator and the Specification “Spec” Builder. These tools are independent of the other and provide a different end use, but both are geared to facilitate choosing the ideal seating products for a facility project. Both can be accessed on the American Seating Website.

The Configurator allows for a multitude of customizable design options for the company’s fixed lecture line, Focus. And Spec Builder provides matching component opportunities with the company’s Stellar and Majestic fixed seating lines.

Focus Configurator

Focus Configurator

Focus Configurator
This tool provides facility managers and other specifiers the ability to mix and match different seating components and features to create the ultimate seating product for their needs from American Seating’s fixed lecture line, Focus™.

Installed in lecture halls, computer labs, and small classrooms, the Focus fixed lecture product is ideal for college and university environments due to its aesthetics, durability, comfort, and flexibility.

Configurator users can choose from a variety of selections including: two tables; three swing-away chairs; 10 edge moldings; 36 metal or wood modesty panels; nine metal or wood privacy screens; power and data modules; and numerous fabric, paint, plastic, laminate and wood finishes.

The Configurator also provides animations, which illustrate the seat’s height adjustable and return-to-center features, as well as power and data systems. When complete, users can change views to see what their selections look like from the front and back; those selections can then be saved as a PDF file to facilitate the ordering process.

Spec Builder

Spec Builder

Spec Builder
The Spec Builder allows specifiers to select product options that work together from American Seating’s Stellar® and Majestic® fixed seating lines, both of which provide solutions for indoor and outdoor entertainment environments. Majestic primarily serves performing arts centers, opera houses, and theatres, while Stellar is often found in outdoor sporting arenas and auditoriums.

Spec Builder enables users to view images of the product as they choose options, such as different seat and back style selections.

After customizing their product, users receive a detailed and professional specification document that contains all necessary information needed to issue a product specification, including information on product performance, quality assurance, operation, construction, and finishing treatments.


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