NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Security Analysis By Andrews International

Andrews International, a provider of security and risk mitigation services, recently introduced an analysis service for enterprise customers that comprehensively evaluates security operations in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency and effectiveness. The new service is based on Andrews’ proprietary Security Effectiveness and Efficiency (SEE) methodology, which includes matching security resources to risk profiles, maximizing the integration of uniformed guards and electronic security assets, and projecting return on investments (ROI) through industry-specific financial models.

The SEE Analysis has been used to evaluate enterprise security programs across several key industries including high-tech and manufacturing. According to a Fortune 500 global manufacturer, the SEE Analysis identified actionable improvements that will enable the organization to reduce uniformed guard costs by 20% across its U.S. headquarters and manufacturing sites, while enhancing the strength of its security operations.

For enterprises under pressure to “protect more for less” in security operations, action often include reducing spending on uniformed protection through staff reductions, lowering pay, and overzealous contract cost cutting with outside vendors, which often results in poor service. Some organizations try to compensate by adopting security technology, but this is often attempted without a complete understanding of how uniformed guards and technology assets can integrate to deliver the greatest value in security.

The SEE Analysis is performed by Andrews International’s C&I Division, a group providing clients with a broad range of information and knowledge to mitigate risk and make effective business decisions. It evaluates the effectiveness and efficiencies of enterprise security operations, focusing on deployment and integration of uniformed guards and electronic technology assets such as closed-circuit television, access control, and command center operations. The company has also partnered with a number of software providers to create a “security tool box” that enables proactive monitoring of all aspects of a security program; from supporting targeted screening, testing and qualifying of personnel to integrating facility management with central command center operations. This includes technology from Quantum Secure, a provider of enterprise software for physical identity and access management. The company’s SAFE suite enables corporate security managers to implement best practices, automate key processes, and simplify control of employees, vendors, and other third-parties.

The SEE Analysis covers an enterprise’s complete security operations on a local, regional and global asset utilization level. Areas assessed include: location/site vulnerability, internal and external threats, existing command center operations, electronic technology, security equipment, architectural elements, and uniformed security force policies, procedures, readiness, training and personnel utilization.


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