NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Intelligent Performance Testing by utiliVisor

utiliVisor, a New York City-based provider of energy plant monitoring and verification systems, has introduced a portable service— Intelligent Performance Testing (IPT)—aimed at enabling facility managers to optimize their chiller plant equipment to achieve significant energy savings with a minimal capital investment.

“Our new portable service provides simple steps toward achieving energy plant operational excellence,” said Timothy Angerame, utiliVisor’s director of business development. “Typical cost savings between 12% and 20% are achievable from adjustments to equipment that are identified during the IPT operation.”

With the IPT service, utiliVisor energy technicians install unobtrusive, portable BTU meters, electric meters, and a web server to gather five minute incremental interval data on chiller plant equipment. The data is collected in real time and analyzed by utiliVisor energy engineers to evaluate equipment performance and identify energy saving opportunities.

The IPT process allows facility managers to establish the true operating cost of chilled water generation. It identifies:

  • excessive kW usage at part load conditions,
  • improper water flows that might cause heat transfer problems,
  • inefficient compressor control, and
  • chiller inefficiencies verses the manufacturer’s design specifications.

The service provides the basis for implementing optimal chiller sequencing and creates baseline operating efficiency for future chiller plant upgrades.

utiliVisor (formerly known as Utility Programs & Metering) offers comprehensive energy monitoring and submetering services. The utiliVisor system is a web-based, networked solution, built on open standards, that works in real time to collect and format data, monitor operations and equipment errors, and deliver oversight via web-based alerts and alarms.