QUESTION OF THE WEEK: CMMS/Asset Management Software Recommendations

This Question of the Week comes from the Facility Executive group on LinkedIn.

I am looking for a couple recs for management software for a residential application. I am managing an ~80 unit residential complex and the HOA would like some information on different systems.

The system would NEED to include:

  • Work Order System
  • Physical Asset Management
  • PM Scheduling

Although I realize the following items may require another software solution, I would also like to see them included:

  • Package tracking
  • Document Management
  • Building Directory Management

I’ve used a few different programs in past lives (Schooldude, Parature, CAMIS, Maximo), but they were mostly geared towards educational facilities or they didn’t include some of the vital modules I’m looking for in this particular application.

So far, I’ve looked at NetFacilities and FacilityDude (a spinoff of Schooldude). NetFacilities seems pretty sharp and includes most of what I’m looking for, but I’d appreciate more feedback.

Steve Bickerton
Facility Manager
Thayer & Associates
Cambridge, MA

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  1. We use a CMMS program called CMS (Facilities Survey). It is a hosted software application, and can accomplish most of the tasks you have mentioned. Also supports the use of mobile devices. Please call me at 801-213-4547, if you would like more detail. Dwayne

  2. My company uses iSafe for do the facility inspections. I’m pretty sure that’s powered by Pervidi software. Haven’t had any issues with it so far

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