ABM Team Help Keep Clients And Their Communities Moving

Working in facilities across numerous industries during the COVID-19 crisis, ABM shares some frontline “unsung hero” stories shared by its clients and managers.

By Anthony P. Piucci

From enabling a COVID-19 test part manufacturer to work 24/7, to helping a college campus evacuate 9,600 students from dorms, ABM team members are on the front lines, going above and beyond. Our janitorial teams help our clients and their communities by disinfecting buildings to keep people who are working safe. We’re also protecting clients’ assets and budgets with HVAC and power systems maintenance for closed facilities.

Whenever possible, we redeploy ABM team members where there are building closures, and we’re communicating to part-time staff of any additional work hours available. Of course, ABM follows up-to-date CDC guidelines to keep our teams safe while they’re keeping our clients safe. The best way to show what we’re doing is to share some frontline “unsung hero” stories shared by our clients and managers.

Photo: Getty Images

Maker of COVID test parts
The manufacturer needed more help when they got government approval and suddenly started operating at warp speed. Their ABM team’s dedication and support continue to help keep their facility and employees healthy and safe with all the necessary precautions. “Each one of you play a crucial role in this by allowing our staff to focus on the science, manufacturing, and detection of the COVID-19 virus. This site is working around the clock to produce the viral extraction and other components used. We are so grateful and honored to work with each one of them.”

Hospital emergency entrance
From an ABM hospital client: “Tonight I reported to my post in the Emergency Department to be an entrance screener, and there I had the pleasure of meeting ABM team member, Albert. He actually works as a valet part time every Friday and Saturday evening. As patients and families came to the ED, he greeted them with a warm smile and was very kind in his approach to let patients know that only one visitor was allowed per patient. He took his role seriously with the upmost [sic] kindness. The ED front door is in good hands with him there.”

School food program
When a Texas charter school needed last minute support to fill in for people who were unable to get food to students in need, ABM team members stepped in to pack and distribute meals. The school wrote a thank you note applauding our “above and beyond efforts.” ABM’s “stepping up to the plate was a fantastic help.”

Financial services company
Offices in NYC’s World Financial Center relied on our help, saying, “These are trying times…. Despite multiple last minute and unplanned requests for various deep cleanings, ABM people perform every single task without hesitation and with the utmost care. In addition to the business-as-usual services, they’ve been asked to perform a lot of additional work, in some cases late at night with very little notice. This COVID-19 situation has put extra stress on everyone, and you would never know it with your team’s response and exemplary service. We are lucky to have ABM as our janitorial service partner. In true fashion, your on-site team continues to knock it out of the park.”

Major U.S. aviation clients
At an ABM operations meeting in late March, the airline client’s General Manager joined in to thank us profusely for outstanding performance for completing an EnhancedClean (a clean that takes several hours) on an aircraft. The aircraft was designated as a special flight serving congressional and faith leaders, and ABM helped prepare the plane for the airline’s important clients amid all of the scrutiny on the virus.

Another airline client recognized us for responding professionally and expeditiously to an EnhancedClean service request on an aircraft with a suspected COVID-19 case.

An ABM manager’s daughter had been anxious about flying. From a large international airport, she texted, “Mom, ABM people are everywhere and helping everyone. If someone is smiling, they have on an ABM logo!”

Living up to our mission
Times like the present test our company’s mission statement, To Make a Difference, Every Person, Every Day. We feel honored that ABM clients trust us during a crisis, and we’re happy knowing we can truly make a difference, being kind and conscientious while helping to keep businesses operating and people safe.

ABMPiucci is senior vice president enterprise solutions for ABM, a leading provider of facility solutions. Piucci is currently in charge of integrated facility services sales for ABM’s largest Industry Group, Business and Industries.